Earlier this month was “National Women’s Day” on March 8th.

What that actually means, I have no idea. All we do know is that Joel Grind of heavy metal mutants Toxic Holocaust put together a mixtape of obscure female fronted metal bands, naturally in honor of Women’s Day.

The mix is called “Women, Leather & Hell” and you can download it here. Prepare your ears for a musical onslaught lead by twenty-one barbaric betties, savage nomad long-butts and voluptuous vixens.

To accompany this listening experience and for your viewing pleasure, below is a sneak peek at TNUC’s private security team who guard Castle TNUC when he leaves for Spring Break in Ft. Lauderdale every year. Say hello to the gals.


01 Black Knight – Warlord’s Wrath
02 Revenge – Evil
03 Ready to Wear – Guardian Angel
04 Inner Rage – Metal Overload
05 Orphan Allies – In The Night
06 Sleek – British Bikes
07 Carrie – The Assassin
08 Robyn Danger – Scream Your Lungs Out
09 Slak Alice – Blow Out
10 Heather Leather – We Came To Destroy
11 Azuzena – Super Star
12 Rough – Nightmare
13 Leathur Panteez – Guttered
14 Black Ghost – Heavy Metal Angel
15 Jaded Lady – On The Run
16 Satanic Rites – Slam The Door
17 Sudden Impact – Poisioned Minds
18 Blacksmith – Louder Than Hell
19 D.C. Lacroix – Crack Of Doom
20 Deathslayer – Raven’s Nest
21 Spotlight – Speedway

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