In the wake of last week’s quest to locate one of WWE’s most elusive wrestler jobbers, L.A. Gore, we figured now would also be a good time to highlight some of the greatest losery jobbers WWF and the now defunct WCW flung at us over the past few decades.

Again, “jobbers” to those of you unfamiliar with the term doesn’t necessarily mean they lost matches because of their lack of ability as a wrestler. Most jobbers were meant to lose on purpose, to either help with the story-line, make their opponent look better, or both. As you’ll see below, some of these guys were hired by these companies purely based on them looking like a convincing deadbeat. 

Our jobber list doesn’t go detail of what these forgotten wrestlers actually accomplished. Instead, we hand selected the nastiest looking greaseballs known to enter a wrestling ring.

Crappy names, shitty gimmicks, dull presence, complete silence from the crowd…it’s all here! Click images to expand.

I’m pressed for time, so I apologize for not providing insight on these elusive weirdos and nobodies. Who knows, maybe one day we’ll do a monthly feature (complete with their long-lost entrance music!)

***Last year TNUC’s 1st ever MUD WRESTLING MARCH MADNESS MONTH actually happened. Yes, an entire month dedicated to the lost art of female mud wrestling. So if this post got you excited, just wait ’till you revisit those oil & mud ladies from the Hollywood Tropicana!***

2 Comments on “JOBBER TAKEOVER.”

  1. These jobbers are definite deadbeats who probably hung around the original Double Deuce. I bet they can blaze through some tall boys.

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