ski school

In honor of every snow leppard planning to hit the slopes this winter, last weekend Uncle T set out on a pilgrimage to find the perfect icy anthem fit for speeding down mountains of endless fluffy powder. This year we’ll commence the 1st annual Mt. TNUC Ski-Invitational. Pretty soon our slopes will be filled with snow leppards in neon one-piece ski suits, hot pink earmuffs, turtleneck/suspender combinations and sunset ombré sunglasses. Whether these spandex-clad long butts can actually ski isn’t exactly high on the priority list. The #1 rule that our judges rate competitors on is how ravishing they look. #2 is which hot doggin’ hit will take precedence over the rest and reign supreme for the season.


Naturally we ended up choosing a track from the Hot Dog: The Movie soundtrack, a film that went far beyond our wintertime raunch-romp expectations when it first screened here at the TNUC lair. Hot Dog is a motion picture that truly has it all. Frothy babes, drunken ski bums, lonely rich women, a wet t-shirt contest, an evil German skier and of course no shortage of hot doggin’ hits. So here we go. Play this one loud and get ready to jump up on the couch for some brutal air guitar.

Mitch Ryder – When You Were Mine

If this isn’t a leg slapping, cigarette-dangling, beer-flying-through-the-air cry of the wild, I don’t know what is. So the next time a DayGlo bandanna and fanny pack goes whizzing by you, strap on those puffy muffs and get this song on repeat. Don’t stop playing it until you reach the bottom of the mountain and crash through the ski lodge and into the kitchen, face-planting onto your dream babe’s lap. Don’t worry about being the laughing stock of the entire ski resort. So what if you’ve had too many Löwenbräus and Long Island Ice Teas? All that matters is that you and that snow leppard you’ve been playing cat and mouse with all afternoon land comfortably in the lodge’s limited-edition Coors Light Beer Wolf jacuzzi at the end of the night, you’ve succeeded.


FUN FACT: ‘When You Were Mine’ was originally written and released by Prince in 1980. Mitch’s cover version made it to his album Never Kick a Sleeping Dog (as well as Hot Dog: The Movie) and featured production work by John Mellencamp.



ski idiots

Even royal babes like Princess Diana of Wales and Sarah the Dutchess of York like to get in on the frosty fun.


  1. Great movie and write up, Uncle T. I’ll definitely be at the 1st Annual Mt. TNUC Ski-Invitational. On the prowl for spandex-clad long butt snow leppards.

    *The 1st Annual Mt. TNUC Ski-Invitational could be made into a t-shirt. 80’s Ocean Pacific surf/ski style.

  2. This is by far the best ski movie ever, the triple distilled essence of winter greatness and everything thats awesome about living in a ski town. And, being from Bavaria, it gave me the perfect character for closing day: Rudi. The only flaw is, in fact, the production quality of the soundtrack. I would trade half of my ski collection to see this one getting a proper remastering.

    (Most awesome blog around btw, quite mysterious how you always seem to hit the right note. Keep it up.)

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