What better way to stampede into 2016 then premiering a brand new song + video from our colossal compadre BIG MIKE?! Over the past couple years his gospel has been growing and sweeping nations one by one. Have you bowed down to the Big Mike REVOLUTION? His new single is called ‘La Kölsche Vita (mit Veedel Kaztro)’ and sees the bulging barbarian once again collaborating with the synthesizer sensation Gianni la Bamba.  The video was shot in complete analog VHS format in Mike’s hometown of Cologne. The song itself centers around this particular area of Germany being the epicenter of Italo disco and the lifestyle that goes along with it. That of course starts with riding around in Camaros, working out in a combination neon track pants w/ Rolex glistening from your wrist and being a full time Casanova. Winter months are spent crisping under ultraviolet sunbeds. Summers are spent fighting snowstorms in the nostrils. Get the picture? Now watch the video!

The song pulls inspiration from one of my favorite Italian mustached strangers of the night, Clay Pedrini. Possessed by the humming of synthesizers heard inside seedy discotheques at 2 am, Big Mike channels a forgotten energy that I haven’t seen since Pedrini’s video for ‘New Dream’.

What else is happening with Big Mike? Looking back at 2015 – in the little downtime that he had from touring the world – he entered a 5-star, forty acre drug rehabilitation center in Scandinavia to quit his aggressive cocaine usage. His whereabouts remained unknown for months, with headlines in German newspapers reading “WHERE IS MIKE?”. Once a grizzly bear was discovered mutilated after being eaten in half by a man, authorities knew it could only be MIKE. At this point he was released from rehab and hiked back to Cologne through the Scandinavian woods. Now drug free but still the ultimate party animal messiah, he enters the new year a full time muscle disciple and tan addict, dedicating his life to only one drug…the IRON.


‘La Kölsche Vita’ will be released on a very limited maxi 12″ in February with an extended mix on the b-side. For now, TNUC has the exclusive free download right here!



  1. Hell yeah! Bitchin tune Big Mike! Super catchy, especially that synth lead riff. Sick VHS Analog style video as well. Keep up the awesome work Big Mike!

    “Winter months are spent crisping under ultraviolet sunbeds. Summers are spent fighting snowstorms in the nostrils.” This quote is pure Gold. Shit like this is what makes our sacred TNUC land that much better and keeps me wanting more.

    TNUC had all the typical fantasies. Cars, girls, money, then his parents left for the weekend and all his dreams came true.

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