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Don’t you know how to knock, phlegm-wads?! Welcome to Buzz McCallister’s bedroom – a private sanctuary full of awe and wonder – stocked with items like a pet tarantula, Ice T poster, BB gun – plus a rubber monster toy that’s very familiar around the Land of TNUC. Buzz may complain about his home being located on “the most boring street in the whole United States of America”, but his bedroom is a clear exception. It’s the real silver tuna of the McCallister household.

We’d overlooked the Buzz lair until a 900th viewing of Home Alone happened over the recent holiday season that made my eyes bulge out of their sockets. Well, one item at least had that effect (we’ll get to that in a bit). So ease back, grab a cold Pepsi and let TNUC guide you on a virtual tour of Buzz’s bedroom. *I probably won’t cover every single item in his room, so if something catches your eye, provide any information you have in the comment section.*

home-alone-51) The Incredible Melting Man poster (1977, clip)
2) Detroit Pistons Isiah Thomas poster
3) Universal Classic Monsters figures (1986, Imperial Toys, seen here)
5) Lamborghini/Surfboard/Beer/Exotic Babe poster (unknown)
6) Random old board games


7) Head-On Football board game (1988/Epyx, audio cassette player required)
8) Starting Lineup figures (1988/Kenner, miscellaneous)
9) Rubber bat (unknown)
10) Uncle Milton’s Fascinating Ant Farm (1950s – present/Uncle Milton Toys, seen here)
11) Skull Flashlight (1960s – 1980s/Blinky Toys, seen here)


12) JAWS: The Revenge promotional inflatable shark (1987, seen here)

Sports, horror movies, strange pets, foreign babes…JAWS 4! Buzz clearly was a misunderstood brute who didn’t get credit where credit was due. Being depicted as nothing more than a pizza-hoarding bully didn’t help his cause one bit either. Before dissecting his bedroom, the only redeeming qualities TNUC had for Buzz was his haircut, local historical facts (Old Man Marley) and the Ice T poster.

In the above shot, Kevin demolishes his brother’s room by climbing shelves and trying to reach Buzz’s life savings. In a split-second there’s an inflatable shark, which after some extensive research proved to be an actual Jaws: The Revenge promo item, with the movie logo facing opposite our view. That’s all cool and semi-interesting, but nothing compared to what was spotted next…


13) Boglin (1987/Mattel, seen here)

YUP, BUZZ OWNED A BOGLIN. Once Kevin crashes to the floor, a closer look shows the creature’s purple flesh and green eyes (see photo below), confirming that it’s “Splatt”, one of the smaller Boglins in the famous rubber puppet gang. Everyone remembers these nasty freaks, right? In a nutshell, the Boglins were a line of rubbery fat puppets that you could control with your hands to make repulsive facial gestures. Their flesh was made of a flexible material that made them feel extremely realistic. As far as Uncle T is concerned, no toy will ever top the Boglins. Still, as hideous as they were, the creatures were still no match for Buzz’s girlfriend. WOOF!


Bodacious bedroom, Buzz. Cheers to you pal.


4 Comments on “BUZZ’S BEDROOM.”

  1. Buzz McCallister! There’s three reasons why Buzz’ room is bodacious, A – He has a pet tarantula, 2 – An exotic babe, car and beer poster, and D – Splatt the Boglin! I’ve probably watched this movie as many times as you UNCLE T and I never took the time to study the intricate details in his room.

    John Hughes and Christopher Columbus knew exactly what to put in this local Lincoln Blvd, Chicago historians room.
    John Hughes also made awesome rooms for Rusty and Audrey in National Lampoons Christmas Vacation.

  2. Fantastic post! It’s true Marko, I never dissected this scene from Home Alone like Uncle Tnuc, and big props to him for pointing out the cool toys and figures in Buzz’s room! That Jaws inflatable shark promo really surprised me as I never noticed it! Same with the Boglins toy! Buzz has elevated to a whole new COOL level! He’s that guy that you hated when you were young because he bullied you all day, but were envious of his awesome collection of fun. Gonna see if I can buy that Boglins toy online now hahaha.

    Last day of 2015. Many great times here. So many great posts. Looking forward to what Uncle Tnuc has in store for all of us in 2016! Happy New Year to all since I won’t be online for the next few days :). Enjoy the party night everyone and remember, Friends Don’t Let Friends Drive Drunk


  4. Hey there,

    Thought I’d provide a fun fact and say that “foreign babe” is not so foreign. She was born and raised on the east coast in Virginia where most of her family is from originally and modeled swimwear in her youth. Swimwear Illustrated being one of the magazines she graced the cover of. She also has a poster in Kindergarten Cop.

    She’s also texting me right now because that woman is my mother, the coolest lady to ever!

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