tnuc goes to hell

“Hell Ain’t a Bad Place to Be” said a salty old rock dude one time in 1977. Uncle T has been pondering if there’s actual truth to this statement. So for 2015, because its our 6th annual mix we’re sending our mascot the ‘Manimal’ south of heaven to barrel through the gates of hell for a Halloween party like no other.

In order to navigate properly, and because he seemed to have misplaced the coordinates for Satan’s kingdom, the Manimal figured he’d summon some demons to guide him down the right path. So on a recent stroll through an ancient cemetery he stopped to dance on some graves and play some air guitar under the foggy moonlight to stir up some restless spirits. Sure enough, a few evil beings showed up and basically handed him the keys to Lucifer’s lair.

Questions started to swirl around his mind. How hot is it down there? Should he bring 2-million sunblock? Does the devil ever break a sweat? What’s the big guy’s favorite monster cereal? Is hell cliquey like prison? Do all the heavy metal guys party together 24/7? Most importantly, WHO’S IN CHARGE OF PLAYING MUSIC ON HELL-O-WEEN NIGHT? Because this is the last party he wants to walk into empty handed, we brewed up a 40 minute hot cauldron of hits for Manimal to impress everyone with when he arrives (especially the lady demons). When the clock strikes midnight on Halloween Eve, this is the music that will reign down on every hellhound and hellcat down in those fiery depths. So sit back, get the fog machine ready, grab the coldest beverage in the house and join us as TNUC GOES TO HELL. 

Download it here! HAPPY HALLOWEEN!

13 Comments on “TNUC GOES TO HELL.”

  1. I wait all month, hell, all year, for the Camp TNUC molten-metal mixes! There’s a few good rockers in here. I like the, “Are You Afraid of The Dark,” intro. Classic.

    I really wish I knew how to make a mixtape with the sweet horror movie audio lines and trailers like you do Uncle T, to add to our collection of horror metal mix tapes in this festive time of year here at Camp TNUC. I would make another killer mix for Camp TNUC to blast at the camp fire for our midnight feedings and ghost stories.

    Some notable gems it would include.
    Bauhaus – Stigmata Martyr
    Savatage – Power of the Night
    Dennis Michael Tenney – The Beast Inside
    Don Dokken – Living A Lie
    And spice it up with some dark synth wave with heavy guitar
    Dance With The Dead – The Poison (Reprise)

    I have all my Camp TNUC Halloween mixes, along with some other bitchin’ tunes like the ones mentioned above, in one playlist and just shuffle/repeat them non-stop.


    • Thanks Marko! Give it a few more spins and you’ll hear new things with every listen! What do you think about that ELVIRA song? It basically has made my Halloween 2015.

  2. Trust me, it’ll be on repeat from now until Sunday. You can never go wrong with the voluptuous Elvira. It’s totally rad. Her voice is actually quite decent. I like how she names almost every psycho killer.

    Did you and the lady decide on Elvira and Mali-Boo for Halloween?

  3. The days building up to Halloween seems to have let me down a little. Houses are not decorated yet. No spooky monster signs, no cobwebs in the shopping mall windows and especially no Pumpkins being placed on the front porch of people’s houses. This totally sucks. It feels like all humanity has given up. People just buying candy and chocolate boxes for themselves and not for dressed up kids on the big day. Teens are just popping and doing rap battles off on the corner street which is kooL, but no ones talking about what they want to be for Halloween. Then I come home and see this BAD ASS of a post ending with a sweet sneaky second killer mix list from Marko. I swear Uncle Tnuc has put me back into Halloween Spirit baby! Thank you man… *wipes tears from face* thank you so much. Time to ROCK THIS BITCH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! YEEEAAAOOOOO

    • YEEEESSSSSSS! Epic post DGS!

      Black cats and goblins and broomsticks and ghosts,
      Covens of witches with all of their hosts,
      You may think they scare me,
      You’re probably right,
      Black cats and goblins,
      On Halloween night,
      Trick or treat!

  4. Happy Halloween guys! With the day closing in, and some of the Camp Tnuc’s staff making an early exit before the sun sets I’m here cleaning my bunk bed and making sure I put back the essentials:

    1). Playboy Horror Magazine
    2). Mali-Boo & Elvira Standee
    3). Beatbox that Cindy lent me yesterday for the “Tnuc Goes to Hell Mix”
    4). Kool-Aid Island Twists Sunglasses

    As I’m packing my stuff and getting ready for the school bus to come pick us up, I can’t help but miss the sleepless nights, the wolfs howling in the near distance, the bubble gum under the Mess Halls main cafeteria table, the pink panties hanging out on the Tnucpole, and the sweet babes that joined in for this years Camp Tnuc. A few nights ago I heard some distinct sounds coming from the bushes outside our cabin. I never told anyone about this but Its sounds I haven’t heard on any other night and I feared Manimal might do the unthinkable, lurking around our cabin as if he was in denial he didn’t do anything to us on the first day. But lo and behold, I surviv…. no, WE survived that night and here I stand thinking of how the future looks. What will happen next year, or in two years at Camp Tnuc? One wise man once told me:

    “Your future is whatever you make it. So make it a good one.” – Doc Brown BTTF3

    I’ll See you all next year. Having a blast on Halloween and remember….


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