Hot from the bowels of our kitchen, we proudly present the all-new Camp TNUC seasonal merchandise splurge! Because it’s our 30th anniversary, we ventured into some uncharted territory this year. All merchandise is for sale right now in our store, but here’s a little information on the items…

IMG_55751) ‘COUNSELOR’ T-Shirt

“A leather-clad child thunders down the dirt path to Camp TNUC. He is the man that doesn’t die. He is the outlaw that rides. The Hell Hound. The Manimal. Your #1 Counselor!” Join us in celebrating 30 years of savage terror at Camp TNUC with this limited-edition ‘Counselor’ shirt! 100% cotton. Artwork by Vanessa Vanya. Backside features the large Manimal logo and frontside features a left breasted TNÜC logo. Up for grabs right now in the store.

tnuc gloves2) TNÜC ‘CREEPER’ Gloves

All you prowlers and slashers are going to think you died and went to heaven (or hell if that’s your place) when you try on TNÜC’s FINGERLESS LEATHER ‘CREEPER’ GLOVES! Also ideal for night drives, iron pumping, opening sudsy beers and lead singer power screeching. Choose to wear them as a pair or “single” for supreme nastiness. TNÜC embroidery on the velcro closure strap!

For more information and photos, check them out in the store.

IMG_56183) ‘CAMP LIFE’ Print

A slice of life at Camp TNUC can now adorn your walls with this gorgeous hand drawn depiction by one of our longest running counselors, Vanessa Vanya. Can you spot all the hidden easter eggs in this print? THERE ARE MANY.

Printed on luxurious, heavy-duty card stock and limited to only 20 pieces! Measures approx. 13½” x 7¾”. Also for sale in the store.

†     †     †     †     †     †     †     †     †     †     †     †     †     †     †     †     †     †     

My serious thanks and appreciation to all the supporters and disciples of TNUC out there who have ever clicked one of our links, listened to a mix, watched a video, shared something TNUC related with a pal or have bought something in the store! This paraphernalia takes time and effort – without your support and comments TNUC would lose its lifeblood. THANK YOU!!! I’d also like to give a big thumbs up to, who executed these new t-shirts with absolute precision!

***Order at least (3) items in the store and enter code MANIMAL for a 20% discount on your entire order***

8 Comments on “CAMP THREADS.”

  1. This is what I’m talking about! Halloween doesn’t get any better than Camp TNUC threads and TNUC Halloween Metal Mixes! Placing my order right now.

  2. So I’ve killed… So I’ve maimed! so I’ve destroyed one innocent life after another but aren’t aren’t I a human being goddamit? Don’t I yearn, and ache, and camp? Don’t I deserve love… and fingerless leather gloves?

    Happy October fellow disciples x

  3. ^^^ Yes, my fellow disciples and Camp TNUC Counselors! Happy October & Hell-o-ween! My 1977 Chevrolet K-10 Cheyenne pick up truck is packed and ready to go. Time to party!

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