8375240790_b4c9c33766_o A few years ago TNUC teamed up with the powerhouse giants at Pontiac to deliver the ‘CONQUER THE WIND’ EP. The 6-track collection featured each electrifying Pontiac TV commercial from 1982 – 1988, in audio form. For the first time fans could strap on a pair of headphones and build-the-excitement whenever they pleased. The only issue? The company’s most memorable jingle of the bunch, “Ride Pontiac Ride”, was only a minute long. Fans were left feeling thirsty, and horny…for more.


Uncle T pulled some strings and got the out-of-work maniacs at Pontiac to unearth the FULL, two-minute and thirty-two second version of the monster hit tune. Dig in and enjoy.

Does it satisfy your voracious appetite? Now watch the video version below!

Everybody knows that fast cars, trench-coats and steamy nights have been a weekly topic around here almost since the dawn of TNUC. Even still, this might be the first time I’ve witnessed something that manages to harness EVERYTHING we stand for so tremendously in a single package. Neon nights, hair flips, sexy silhouettes, drum machines, cool leather, snarling guitars, making out in the rain, rising RPMs, pop-up headlamps, foggy streets, seductive stares and grainy synths. It’s all here disciples, and we can’t express how satisfying it is.


2 Comments on “PONTIAC PLEASURE.”

  1. It’s like your future self sent back the idea for that video to the pontiac folks verbatim!

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