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Before we delve into all the Spring Break mayhem this month, I wanted to post a track from Dave Grusin’s score to Lucas (1986) to represent the coming of springtime with a slice of easy breeziness. Even though the film takes place during the summer/fall, the ‘Main Title’ theme always reminded me of this time of year because of how it builds from a little bit of darkness into shining, glimmering light.

My favorite scenes in the film are probably the beginning ones. Lucas (Corey Haim) spends his carefree, sunny days wandering around town collecting bugs and running through the woods with new crush, Maggie. While Uncle T attempts to stay strong and fight back emotions while listening to this music, it’s not an easy thing to do while seeing how much talent this kid brought to the screen. Hey – we love Corey’s ‘radical era’ just as much as the next guy (The Lost Boys, License to Drive), but his early films like Silver Bullet, Secret Admirer and Lucas prove how versatile he was and shouldn’t be missed.


I hope I didn’t come across too sappy with this entry, but it can’t ALL be long butts, foggy synths and oily-muscled explosiveness 100% of the time. TNUC is still 1/2 human and 1/2 Manimal, so it’s absolutely acceptable for us to pull at the heartstrings once in a while.

When Corey passed away in 2010, a local revival movie theater in Los Angeles held an immediate screening of Lucas – which I missed – but reports from those who attended say that people in the audience were crying and cheering at the end of the movie.

Miss ya, bud!

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  1. How did I miss this article, must have keyed up only the Tim Cappello one! God this movie…I watched it so many times…Loved her in that movie and shared his crush of her. Was always crushed when he found out about her and Sheen… R.I.P. Lucas

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