As TNUC’s MUD-WRESTLING-MARCH-MADNESS comes to a close, Uncle T would like to share a few full-frontal shots from his latest hardcover discovery, “The Art of Mud Wrestling” by Peter Barry (1984).


Before we close this chapter, let’s review what we’ve learned from our spotlight on this lost artform:

1) The Land of TNUC could be the only platform in the world that has openly expressed a love and longing for this sport. 
2) Nobody seems to have any nostalgic memories of female mud wrestling (at least people who use the internet).
3) Mud Wrestling chicks and strippers are NOT the same. While starting a conversation with a stripper might go in the direction them whining and complaining about their lives, chatting with ladies of mud culture will most likely end with you in a face-to-boob headlock until you can’t breathe. Entirely different caliber of woman.

***If you missed any of the nasty action this month, go here to see it all.***


  1. Awesome photos Uncle T! I’m digging the Female Mud Wrestling Madness month. I wish I had a copy of that hardcover with those bodacious h a r d b o d i e s. The people with the most memories of female mud wrestling are too hopped up on ‘ludes & coke to use the Internet now-a-days. Their still living in the dream of the ’80’s, which I don’t blame them.

  2. This has been quite an educational month. Mud Wrestling. It’s one of those things I was aware of, heard about, seen some tv spots but I can’t say I was into it or knew much more than just a bunch of girls wrestling half naked. I have now learned that strippers do not equal mud wrestlers and if you’re ever going to date one of the two, it would be the chick that likes to get down and dirty in the mud. I wish I could of appreciated it more back then.

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