wind1Finally, after a long hiatus, KURT SLOAN returns to the Land of TNUC today with his first mix (more like journey) since Deep Mountain Meditation. Kurt has faced some hard times since the last time we heard from him, which involved him losing some muscle tone and having to take up a custodial job at a local department store. Before you sink into this 40-minute sonic reawakening, we recommend that you read the full backstory:

“When Kurt Sloan awoke in a daze he had somewhat of a revelation. You see, the past few years hadn’t been kind to him but on this particular morning things looked promising. It all started when yet again he found himself lying spread eagle on a floor mattress with nothing but a deer hide blanket covering his loins. There was nothing really atypical about this current state, he had once again woken up naked in the backroom of the New Age Spiritual Shop in the mall.

His routine over the past few days went something like this: he would wrap up his late night janitorial shift at JC Penney by wringing out the dry mop, removing his name tag, splashing some water on his face and then finally heading down to the opposite end of the mall to bang the hippie college chick with the dreads who worked at the New Age Spiritual Shop.

So there he was, lying on his back and rubbing his eyes which were strained and watery, presumably from the air, which still lingered with smells from last night – some kind of cross between tiger balm, sage, and mineral oils. It seemed like all life had left the mall. “What time is it anyway?”, Kurt muttered to himself. He shook his head and tried to hear if anyone was in the front of the store, but the only sound he heard was the trickling of water running over stones from the Zen Garden display. He looked to his left at the familiar portrait of a radiant White Buffalo and the scattered stack of prints behind it depicting things such as canyons, temples and wolves. It was somewhere amidst the colorful array of horoscope calendars, astrology guides, mandalas, tarot cards and incense that Kurt Sloan began to find himself again…

He wriggled into his jeans and stood up with a renewed sense of purpose. He came face to face with a life-size painting of a Native American warrior who looked right into Kurt’s eyes with a piercing and stoic gaze. Wrinkles branched off from the warriors eyes like tributaries on a river, they suggested a great hardship, yet there he stood at the edge of a cliff looking over the plains with wind whipping through his hair. Kurt Sloan tightly clenched his fists, squeezing all his muscles together until he felt them burn with his inner fire.

He walked out of the mall and into the parking lot. He stepped onto his motorcycle, jarred the kickstand free, revved the throttle and rode off. As he drove past the highway sign that read 50 miles to Tucson, the sun was just starting to rise over the horizon. He took off towards the sunrise ready to RIDE LIKE THE WIND.”


*Uncle T cannot express his gratitude enough to Kurt Sloan for blessing our sacred land with this musical offering. When some time can be carved out we urge you to lock yourself in a dark room, strap on a pair of headphones and drift into this musical journey. If you’re sitting there scratching your head, wondering what the hell we’re talking about in this post, you need to visit Kurt’s 1st mix for TNUC from 2012.*

6 Comments on “RIDE LIKE THE WIND MIX.”

  1. I work downtown, so I need to travel around 30 minutes to work in the early morning (less traffic) and then travel back home which takes around an hour even though without traffic I am 20 minutes from downtown.

    I finish everyday around 4pm, then I go to take the metro/bus. Most of the times I take a quick nap on the bus to recup from the sleep deprivation from playing video games the night before. HOWEVER…. there are times when I get on that bus and I can’t take a quick nap. Either the couple next to me are talking about what they should order at home or the teens in front talking about fart bombs. ALL OF THAT IS COOL, but sleeping through this is out of the question. So I always turn to Uncle Tnuc and his rad tunes on soundcloud which is my medicine for combating those long rides home.

    The new “RIDE LIKE THE WIND” mix TOTALLY BLEW MY MIND AWAY. I followed the sweet girls instructions in the beginning of the mix, breathing slowly and moving slowly. Then all of a sudden the beats him me hard man. I felt a big BANG in my chest and I connected once again with Uncle Tnuc’s mix. It was there dude, my soul thanking me for putting on these ultra sweet beats. I found myself in a state of happiness even though I’m on the bus during the winter cold, packed with people who could use some of this magic, who are totally oblivious that the sound of awesomeness is literally at their door step. I hesitated to pull the plugs out of the phone and put the beats on speaker as I saw a baby close by who might not be ready for the beats of Tnuc just yet…. Time flew by so fast that I was amazed how fast I came back home. Two Crude dudes, The Night Beast, SPIROS etc… and now RIDE WITH THE WIND Mix. I LOVE THIS MIX DUDE. THANK YOU ONCE AGAIN!


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