College invites you to a showing of the latest fashion…in murder.

Save the Day is the latest EP from The Valerie Collective’s head maestro and it’s one that’s inspired by stalker films of the late 1970’s and early 1980’s. College tempts us to enter a paranoid city filled with suspense, where long-legged model types roam the streets, too preoccupied in their commitment to perfection to notice that they’ve become victims of a voyeuristic-obsessed individual…until it’s too late.

The first three tracks – “Old Maps”, “The Gathering” and “Numbers” – soundtrack our predator gathering together the tools of his trade; leather gloves, mirror shades, glossy photos and his telescope.

College – Save the Day (Official Video) // directed by Jay Buim

The title track closes the album which features vocals by singer-songwriter Nola Wren over signature synth-stomp from College. The New York-based artist’s breezy delivery and lyrics suggest that this story has spontaneously switched directions. A female heroine has stepped into the picture and taken control. An ending that typically would have a group of beautiful girls running for their lives has turned into a nightmare for…the predator.

The digital EP is available now via iTunes while a vinyl collector’s edition limited to 300 copies will be up for grabs on December 1st. Uncle T has been friends and a supporter of The Valerie Collective since the early days of this movement. We can’t wait to see what College has planned for his North American live tour which begins on the 24th of this month (see dates here)!


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