the-nightJay Chattaway’s music from 1985’s Silver Bullet strikes in all the right places. It’s spooky enough that I can count on it to awaken that part of me which feels the most alive this time of year, yet emotional enough that somehow it brings back memories of my earliest exposure to horror movies. Those first tastes of the macabre were intimidating but fascinating at the same time. Like the first time on a haunted hayride, you dread what’s next but can’t force yourself to look away. Jay’s score, especially the selection we’re sharing today, is a creepy-crawly brew of both dark and light sounds which creates an eerie but delightful atmosphere. The most memorable movie scores are the ones that play tricks with your senses. The type that are perfect for the scene but could do just fine by themselves. I recommend waiting until nighttime to play this one. Or at least dusk. Then, find a secluded area beside a window with a brisk breeze. Now you’re ready.

(free download)

This little number also reminds me of riding bikes under the moonlight through Old Man Covington’s woods on chilly October evenings. We’d race through the damp paths, our tires slipping on the wet leaves as each of us raced to be the first one to reach our monster club’s tree house hangout. If you stayed left at the fork in the path you’d eventually pass the town slaughterhouse where butchers could be heard inside working the graveyard shift. One night I dropped my Baby Ruth bar by accident and out of the corner of my eye saw the figure of what appeared to be a 7 foot tall wolf with a huge smile on his face entering the front entrance to the slaughterhouse. Then I caught a strong downwind smell of freshly poured beer. Then came the human screams of agony, followed by a brief silence and finally the distinct (and unexpected) noise of beer cans opening. As I stood paralyzed with fear, I saw two blood-red eyes from a distance looking directly at me. Then that huge, grizzly smile appeared again which was followed by constant burping noises. I found this to be extremely strange and quickly got back on my bike to pedal away. I shared my story that night at our monster club’s midnight society tree house meeting. “The Tale of the Thirsty Wolf”…

*Special thanks to our core sponsor of this post, Coors Light.


  1. Why can’t we build a time machine already, and go back to 1985 to relieve this awesomeness.

    “followed by a brief silence and finally the distinct (and unexpected) noise of beer cans opening”

    LOL! The track really gets you in mood. Many horror fans I speak too overlook the scores for their favorite movies. It’s only with age do you realize that certain tracks is what really climaxed a scene. Koodos to the post Tnuc ^_^

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