The year is 1993. There you lay on the couch again, back to the daily grind of air-guitaring to music videos on MTV and eating stacks of nachos with cheese. You hear the opening riff to Skid Row’s ‘Monkey Business’ and a shot of motivation makes you decide to do some exercising. So you reach for your spring chest expander and begin to flex. Twenty seconds in you stop and realize the song you’re hearing is absolutely not any Skid Row song. You look up at the TV and witness something that makes your stomach turn (not the 18lbs of nachos you just scarfed). What you initially thought was Sebastian Bach and his wrecking crew of primates was actually some whiny, acne-ridden, improv theater reject playing cowardly guitar tones and singing about how he hates his father. It’s a nightmare you never imagined but you continue to watch with shock and disgust. Immediately following that steaming pile of dung comes another music video. This time it’s a white guy in a fedora hat and velour tracksuit with a voice that sounds like he’d been taken to a Veterinarian and had his testicles removed. You look down at your skin and see it’s getting paler by the second. Muscle tone is shrinking. Your pants start getting baggier. Your snakeskin boots morph into sandals (with socks!!!)….Now you ralph’ up those nachos.

Just when you thought the first TWO CRUDE DUDES mix would have healed and strengthened every confused man and bewildered babe in society, sadly IT DID NOT. Sure, for a little while the mix worked wonders against dull radio, corduroy pants and staring-at-the-floor-while-playing-guitar, but after that it was right back to dreary days and early nights. Even your diehard, party-metal buds that you remember thrashing n’ bashing around with down in your grandparent’s basement have all conformed to the dullness. Take Ricky for example. Here’s a guy that literally wrote the book on Crude Dude lifestyles. His favorite pastimes were listening to Megadeth, watching Don’t Tell Mom the Babysitter’s Dead and picking up Bettys at the nearby ice hockey rink. But 1990 hit and something changed. Something persuaded him to start wearing Birkenstock sandals and to hang out at the library. Then just three years later he tells you he’s growing a goatee….(ok, enough with this depressing tale). Basically the general consensus was that it wasn’t cool anymore to party and create songs that made you want to have a good time. The other consensus that would carry on for YEARS afterwards was that some people (even metalheads) were relieved that grunge music swooped in and “finally killed off the hair bands”. What many of these sad shrews didn’t stop and realize was that a good percentage of the metal & hard rock bands they once cherished were actually sharpening their sound and producing better albums during this time than ever before. Take for example a band like Winger. Here’s a talented group of studs that by fans perspective had delivered their heaviest and best sounding record in 1993 with “Pull”. This band entered the era to GROW and PROGRESS to greatness beyond most people’s comprehension. Unfortunately the album tanked on the charts due to not enough people knowing of it’s existence. This is because radio and MTV spoon fed listeners with whatever they wanted us to hear, resulting in many bands (old & new) going unnoticed and inevitably dissolving. In the midst of these sad times we thankfully had a pair of saviours. Two noble men from suburbia by the names of Big Mike and Uncle TNUC, who were sent on a mission to prowl the badlands and give us a cruder, ruder and luder lethal injection like never before with the TWO CRUDE DUDES [PART DEUX] mix! Stream below. Free download here.

1) Intro
2) Tuff – Ruck a Pit Bridge
3) Megadeth – 99 Ways to Die
4) Babylon A.D. – The Kid Goes Wild
5) Vince Neil – You’re Invited (But Your Friend Can’t Come)
6) Jami Jamison – I’m Always Here

7) Great White – Desert Moon
8) Skid Row – Slave to the Grind
9) Danger Danger – Good Time
10) Nitro – Cat Scratch Fever
11) Trixter – Rockin’ Horse
12) Winger – Down Incognito  
13) Motorhead feat. Ice T and Whitfield Crane – Born to Raise Hell

– –

   Promotional consideration paid for by the following:

Ian the Shark, KPPX Rebel Radio, The Sons of Thunder, Jimmy Wing & Palantine Records, American Gladiators, “Blades” indoor ice hockey rink, Magic Mountain, the World Wrestling Federation, “The Tropicana” mud wrestling bar, Mama Celeste, Hostess Cakes, Hi-C Ecto Cooler, Wonder Bread, Jolt Cola, Orange Julius, Body Glove, Gravedigger, Bigfoot, Stretch Armstrong and Noah’s Arcade.

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  1. HELL FUCKING YES! TNUC and Big Mike you two are killing it! This blog and your writing style Uncle T keeps getting better and better. The stories you create are amazing. You should consider writing a book compiled with all these 80’s stories. Keep the spirit alive and good riddance to the 90’s trends, acne, lude-free, pale white skinned scrawny losers!

  2. Uncle T and Big Mike: Soldiers of a lost army fighting the good fight to bring us back to when times were good, cars were fast, and the girls were faster. Utah! Make it two!

  3. Marko hit the nail in the coffin! Tnuc needs to write an 80’s book (shit I’d buy two books). No other blog like this one. Love it to death. 80’s charm only happened once and we’ll never see the crazy hair-do’s, the neon color clothing, and the awesome personalities again. But at least coming here everyday makes me feel like I’m in stuck in the 80’s. Gotta inform my bro now that TWO CRUDE DUDES PART DEUX is here!~!

  4. O…M….G Tnuc delivers with another bodacious mix! Loved the original, this TOTALLY kicks some serious summer ass. “Death by Stereo”

    Thank you TNUC, may the 80s dream live on with burning fire….

  5. YESSSSSSSSSS! My Monday will be infinitely more crude and badass now. Gonna pop this in the car and cruise the beach looking for sex and adventures. .

  6. Thank god for this. I’ve been hoping against hope for another Crude Dude emission since Part 1. I played the last mix so many times I actually wore out the mp3. Godspeed TNUC and Big Mike B. Stay crude. Stay dude.

  7. Oh no, would love to have this mix to jam to again as I do sick burnouts on my way to hang with some righteous babes, but I see no link, no way to download it…help!

    • Fixed it! My apologies, Soundcloud took the link down so I had to re-upload on Youtube. I added a free download link too. Tough as nails user name by the way! Thanks for listening.

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  9. Love this shit! Glad to see the spirit of the 80s and even the very early 90s are still alive and well. Funny you mention the date 1993 in your story because I’ve debated in my head and talked it over with some and I gauged it to be between 1993 and 1994 that that was the point that the 80s died. Up untill then it was ok to have a over the top WWF personality and attitude, kicking ass and chasing the babes around was expected! But then suddenly you have one side that was pasty doughy R.E.M listeing limp wristed pansies and the other side was rap music and their retarded bullshit thug culture.

    As for today I do see some hope on the horizon. Some promising rock bands are coming up the ranks, nostalgia is at its peak and it seems more people want to see a return back to the days of kicking ass and being larger than life. One can hope at least!

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