A constant heart-wrenching and crotch-tingling debate throughout society over the past 30 years has been who is truly the numero uno girl in Teen Wolf. In one corner there’s the sexy but shallow Pamela Wells and in the other corner…the cute, girl-next-door Lisa ‘Boof’ Marconi. For Uncle T, the choice was clear.

Boof, hands down. Pamela might be fun for a roll in the hay, but Boof is the one who’ll stick by your side when times are rough, play basketball with your dad after school and make out with you in a dark closet even if by chance you transform into a wolf or something.

Pamela will most likely end up cheating on you and probably has an STD that she picked up from Mick “16 going on 31” McAllister of rival high school basketball team The Dragons.

Boof also has a Phoebe Cates thing going on that I couldn’t help but immediately respond to.

Here’s Miles Goodman’s slice of music taken from the scene when her and Scott are walking home from school. Grab the track for free below, or download the entire out-of-print soundtrack here.

Hopefully one of the great vinyl soundtrack revival companies like Waxwork, Mondo or Death Waltz picks up the music from Teen Wolf and releases it in a pleasant little package with some unreleased treats. It’s an underappreciated soundtrack that deserves to be brought back to life.

5 Comments on “BOOF.”

  1. Boof takes the cake hands down! She's the perfect type of babe to bring home to your parents. She'll take care of your needs while letting you throw back some original Coors' with your buddies.

  2. Soundtrack is awesome. Any chance of anyone tracking down the Mannequin soundtrack? It's my holy grail at the moment…

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