Please stop whatever you’re doing and focus your energy on the following:

What you’ve just witnessed is absolutely real. As in, real cameras operated by real people using real film. It was actually a theater trailer produced by the Los Angeles Times made to show off some of the hot moves that camera people use to shoot scenes using various machines, interesting devices and a really frantic guy in white shorts. Oh, and VAN DAMME.

The scene rules on so many levels. But what if I were to sit here today and proclaim that there was an alternate music score to the clip done by synth-maniac Steve Moore?


Steve injected an already awe-inspiring clip with 15cc’s of sunny, late-afternoon euphoria that even Jan Hammer would tip his sunglasses to. I actually felt strong emotions rush through me while watching this.

From what I can gather this happened after a conversation and request by someone on Twitter to Steve. Keep an eye out this year for his full length score for the upcoming action-thriller The Guest, directed by Adam Wingard (You’re Next).

Long live analog, skillful camerawork, late afternoon sun, denim, leather and gas powered engines.

Death to CGI, green screens, electric cars and smart-phones. 


3 Comments on “MOVING CAMERA (ALT SCORE).”

  1. after a couple of days experiencing TNUC withdrawals I just ODd.

    that alternate score brings hope to the hopeless. I am now with Hope, thnx Uncle T.

  2. Brilliant Tnuc, just brilliant. Incredible how you find these things.

    Damn, the sounds from the clip was soooo 80's. I need to find a CD with just sounds of the 80's!

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