As hard as I try to save the heavy-hitter-horror output for October, once in a while the orbiting planets of TNUC’s universe align and there’s no saying no, especially to a pint-sized demon of joy like Charles “Chucky” Lee Ray.

Feast your eyes on some samples from a photo shoot done by a horror photographer/fanatic named Jason Sheppard. Last year found the artist celebrating both the re-launch of his site and the release of 2013’s Curse of Chucky by throwing a photo session with his pal Holly and his very own Good Guy dollI really love and appreciate that his inspiration was the toy factory in Child’s Play 2.

The way I dream about walking into this manufacturing plant of red-haired bastard dolls is probably how some kids dream about entering Willy Wonka’s chocolate factory. I’d give just about anything to wander aimlessly for hours through the aisles of the warehouse and tour the machinery of the Play Pals Toys headquarters. When I stumbled on these photos and discovered Jason’s unbelievable, vivid attention to detail, my eyes lit up.

Not only has Jason taken exquisite photos, but he’s created a limited run of Good Guys posters, prints and stickers that are now for sale in his store. Extreme amounts of attention and detail went into the artwork and layout, so be a sport and cough up the mere few bucks that he’s charging to grab one of the colorful prints before they’re all gone…and support a fellow friend till’ the end!

But my recent Chucky explosion wouldn’t quit just yet…remember my rambling at the top of this post about planets aligning? It just so happens that a 35mm print of Child’s Play 2 was recently announced to be screened at one of the great repertory cinemas in Los Angeles, New Beverly Cinema. The great Horror-Movie-A-Day will host the event this Saturday at midnight, with the franchise’s longtime creator Don Mancini and director of the movie John Lafia IN-PERSON for a Q&A. Tickets can be bought in advance through Brown Paper Tickets. This one guarantees to pack a madhouse, so if you’re planning on attending, get them sooner than later.

Lastly, have a look at the following TV trailers for the film, and stay ’till the end to see moviegoer reactions (including my favorite, “MORE CHUCK FOR THE BUCK!”)

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