The late-great Benjamin Orr (The Cars) released a song in 1986 that would remain forever in our hears but lost in the shadows for years after it’s initial success. ‘Stay the Night’ is the musical equivalent to that brisk breeze at night that makes the little hairs on your arm stand up. If you have a state-of-the-art stereo system, this would be the prime time to use it. Otherwise, find a solid pair of headphones and get ready to dive into this slice of trenchcoat-noir splendor.

You read that right, trenchcoat-noir is a genre filled with songs that are drenched in that steamy, late-night darkness that we discuss frequently here. It makes me want to throw on the TNUC personal trench’ and roam empty streets, smoking cigarettes and reflecting. Another appealing aspect of this song is that it has fallen head-first into forgotten gems territory and it somehow makes the song more sacred and special. When was the last time you heard ‘Stay the Night’ on the radio, or on your old man’s stereo? It’s most likely been a while. Or possibly never?

As with most of the catalogue from The Cars, production on ‘Stay the Night’ is top notch and crisp. I can’t help but think of the moon room scene from Revenge of the Nerds, when Louis seduces Betty in the dark room full of air mattresses. “Wanna do it on the moon?” Ultimate background music for that frisky business.

**BONUS** Even though you wouldn’t consider the following track to be trenchcoat-noir, we had to make this last minute addition of Ric Ocasek’s ‘Emotion in Motion’, due to the fact that it’s Benny’s fellow Cars brethren and it’s yet another blissful tune lost at sea. There’s no stalking-the-streets vibes on this one at all. It’s more of a mid-afternoon snack on the deck of your beachfront property. Play and enjoy the free downloads.

Have a trenchcoat-worthy track in mind? Share them on the TNUC Facebook page and i’ll re-post them for all to indulge in.

4 Comments on “TRENCHCOAT-NOIR.”

  1. Man, this post is just quintessential Tnuc. Thought-provoking AND loins-provoking. Two thumbs and something else way up. Now if you'll excuse me, this London Fog's not going to wear itself…

  2. Wow thanks to you Uncle T you have shown me this hidden Trenchcoat-noir gem! “Stay the Night” is amazing. It's already repeat. I'm making a Trenchcoat-Noir playlist for those long night drives with my babe through fog drenched cities.

  3. can we have a special mention for the illusive cricket-loop in the background? this can truly turn the mega-dull daylight into a dark starry night

  4. Thanks for the feedback you mighty disciples of the wind. Patrick….cricket loops, rainfall, wolf howls, and cigarette exhaling will all be featured on a future mix we're planning.

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