On each repeated viewing of Risky Business, I find new scenes to appreciate. I don’t think a Tangerine Dream score has worked so flawlessly and complemented scenes so greatly in any film as much as this one. Pieces such as ‘Watering Flowers’ are short + sweet, but clearly portray deeper meaning, like some of the lusty thoughts that consume Joel’s mind.

How do you feel when you watch this video? Does it ease your body? Some have reported elevated levels of tranquility. Or do you think it’s just random/pointless and TNUC should be fitted for a straightjacket? Please share your thoughts with your #1 Uncle.

**I had to upload this to Mike Ballermann’s Vimeo page due to issues with the shaved apes at YouTube. Can someone please tell me why the 100,000 other Tangerine Dream uploads on YouTube are totally accessible but TNUC’s 1-minute video with UNRELEASED music from the Risky Business soundtrack is blocked? Pretty infuriating. Time to go pop a ‘lude and veg out on my sofa. 

[Free Download here]

2 Comments on “WATERING FLOWERS.”

  1. u never let me down TNUC, amazing track, currently on loop. I am in my 80s dreamscape again, I'm home……..crossfade…Roll montage

  2. Thanks Anonymous, these little Tangerine Dream soundbites I could have on repeat for days, nights, weekends, holidays…

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