ATTN: Fans of the legendary Tim Cappello:

Unless you’ve followed the man’s career for the past 3 decades, prepare to indulge in the full-course-feast of sweaty saxophone that you’ve been longing for since 1987. For those of you dwelling in a cave, Tim Cappello is the oily, mega-muscled, tanned-skinned beast behind the saxophone in 1987’s ‘The Lost Boys’. His moves and charisma have been documented in the TNUC history books since he first stormed the stage at Santa Carla’s annual summer boardwalk concert series. But what else do you know about this greasy biceped behemoth? Every person I’ve ever watched ‘The Lost Boys’ with always asks about him and asks if there’s “more”. Well hold on to your long butts, because we’ve narrowed down every mandatory Tim Cappello crotch-thrusting saxophone moment you’ll need for survival.

Let’s first begin with a brief history behind the ponytailed warrior of the wind. In the late 70’s Tim went from recording & touring with Peter Gabriel to becoming a full-blown heroin addict. He kicked smack in 1979 and began bodybuilding. History books don’t confirm when the oil and crotch-thrusting techniques came into play, but we believe it was somewhere during this off-time between projects. In 1980 he began touring with Carly Simon during which one performance saw Cappello being lead on stage by Carly in a leather g-string, dog leash and chains. For the next few years Cappello would perfect his sexual stage performance in miscellaneous projects.

In 1984 he was hired by Tina Turner as her keyboardist & saxophonist. He scored big with an appearance in her mega-hit ‘We Don’t Need Another Hero’, from the Mad Max Beyond Thunderdome soundtrack. Hungry fans have the following choices:

1) Watch the entire video from the beginning, letting the build-up consume you until the saxophone explosion.


2) Experience INSTA-SAX @ 3:05.

The buzz-saw entrance of the saxophone is an eruption that no other instrument could hold a candle to. Cappello also provided sax duties on the soundtrack’s 2nd single and video ‘One of the Living’, in which you’ll see his wardrobe and general moves are pretty much identical to those found in the ‘I Still Believe’ concert experience (The Lost Boys). Watch for over-the-top sax crotch-thrusting into the night on this one. Once again, you have the choice of..

1) Watching the video and attempting to wait for you know what.


2) Experiencing INSTA-SAX @ 2:52.

Next up is strictly for the sax-junkies who’s mottos are “excess is better”. Here we go…E V E R Y ‘We Don’t Need Another Hero’ sax solo caught on tape from the years 1985 to 2008. Total, nonstop, uncut saxophone brought to you by Timmy C. Don’t hurt yourself with this one.

You’ve got to really hand it to Cappello for giving pure power to that instrument. If you’re with us and still breathing, let’s cool down with the one that started it all. The classic Tim Cappello sax moment that defines so much we stand for at Camp TNUC. I’ll leave you with one last dose of information, TNUC is currently in talks with Cappello to provide music for an upcoming, official ‘TNUC Theme’ that would be used for a future project. More on that later..

6 Comments on “INSTA-SAX.”

  1. Tim Cappello is the shit! He's definitely mastered his pelvic thrust's that make women wet for him. I got a matching “Master Lock” necklace.

  2. I still remember the first time me and my brother rented The Lost Boys at our local videoclub. It was a summer night (probably 1989-1990) full of teenage dreams and of course we replayed all the cool vampire scenes. But this gig on the beach will definitely stay as one of those… i didn't knew the word back then but yeah: a TNUC moment.


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