Shuriken is a common name used for traditional Japanese concealed weapons which translates in English to “sword hidden in the hand”. These small bladed objects are used for slashing, stabbing and throwing, but are often mistakenly referred to as “throwing stars” or “ninja stars” in western culture. Truth is, these deadly pieces of ninja arsenal come in many different shapes and designs,  and can be made from a variety of different everyday items including needles, nails, knives, coins and other  flat chunks of metal.

The following composition comes from producer Highway Superstar, a self proclaimed synth-junkie from Tel Aviv, Israel who has brought back many misty memories around our camp from listening to his track ‘Whistling Shurikens’. If you’ve experienced deep combat training sessions or excursions through the jungle to locate temples cloaked in secrecy, this track will surely hit a nerve.

This skillfully crafted piece would have added even further intensity on last year’s Deep Mountain Meditation Mix, which in one year’s time we’ve received reports that it’s played across the globe in dojos, monasteries, high priest ceremonies and various abandoned warehouse training operations. The track also works great for rope-swinging in the jungle with red-headed, loin-clothed babes like the one below.

Buy Whistling Shurikens here ($1)


  1. Uncle T your write-ups are always top notch. Your blog gives me hope for our younger generation to keep the 80's lifestyle and dream alive.

  2. Especially in the abandoned warehouses, factory complexes and closed subway stations where feral street punks train relentlessly under the auspices of a sinister masked sensei…

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