No, this isn’t some zany hijink I dreamed of last night after drinking too much Ecto Cooler. This is an actual moment in history. In 1987 on a special episode of the popular Nickelodeon show Double Dare, a lucky family got the insane opportunity to team up with Lou Ferrigno, the star of our most beloved workout tape ever, to compete against another family who snatched up funny man Weird Al Yankovic. [Unfortunately the episode was removed by YouTube recently, but here’s a commercial at least!]…

Weird Al ends up winning. But who cares, Ferrigno already won the moment he put the blue Double Dare polo shirt on.

There’s just way too much to love about this show. First of all the prizes, which in this episode include a tropical island vacation, VCR, Chevy S10 Blazer and a Funk & Wagnall’s 29-volume Encyclopedia & Dictionary set! Maybe i’m out of touch, but why did the desire for encyclopedia collections decline over the years? It’s a lost art, that’s for sure. More great elements of Double Dare include the gigantic waste of food, psysical challenges, the squeakly-clean blue flooring, Marc Summer’s flawless voice/unbelievable delivery and lastly, THE MUSIC. What could be more pleasing to the ears than the combined powers of Marc Summer’s voice over multiple Double Dare musical themes?

On Your Mark – Get Set – GO!

My all-time favorite stop in the obstacle course was the GIANT EAR. Nothing seemed more fun than trying to find a little red flag in a walk-in, waxy ear. Share your favorite episodes and memories of this timeless TV spectacle on the TNUC Facebook page.


  1. One of the best shows growing up as a kid. Nickelodeon needs to bring back these classic shows to show our future generation what being a kid was all about. Salute Your Shorts, Double Dare, Family Double Dare, Hey Dude!, & Wild & Crazy Kids.

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