We’re happy to report that this week the popular TV show American Gladiators has become one of our core sponsors and we couldn’t be more pleased. The masterminds behind the athletic competition program got wind of TNUC through Malibu himself (of course), who introduced them to this space. Upon seeing the layout and feeling the vibe they immediately consulted The Big Bu’ and asked “WHERE DO WE SIGN UP?”.

Major event ideas are being brought to the table right now for the upcoming summer season. One plan of brilliance suggested was expanding the 2nd Annual TNUC Boob Cruise to a full-blown “American Gladiators in Paradise” theme. We’d set sail somewhere remote. Possibly off the coast of Guam. Once we reached at least 100 miles from shore or any visible land, we’d throw away our maps, GPS systems and any other navigational means. With no navigation tools to hold us down, this boob cruise would be ANYTHING GOES. Cocktails, tanning oil, gator floats, boat ‘ludes, tassel loafers, khaki short-shorts, a special appearance from the band Winger, and most importantly…you could be sharing a cabin with Malibu, Lace, Zap, Gemini, Bronco, Nitro, Blaze, Gold, Sunny, Jade or Titan! Again these are just ideas…but we feel very strongly that this funny, sun-drenched frolic really needs to happen!

In the mean time, how about we toast to this timeless TV show with a slice of music from it’s 1989 network debut? This original theme is an exclusive as it was not included on the album American Gladiators: The Music that was released in 1993. Hit the blue play button and drift into Gladiator PARADISE.

Name: Malibu
Nicknames:‘The Big Bu’, ‘Child of Mother Nature’, ‘220 pounds of Twisted Steel & Sex Appeal’.
Interests: Babes, brewskies, surfing, the beach, Aqua Net, tanning.
Duration of time on the show: Only the first half of Season 1 due to an injury he received during the human cannonball.
Last seen: Made an appearance in the trailer for Mike Ballermann & TNUC’s Two Crude Dudes Mix (seen here).


  1. American Gladiators Theme Song Trivia: The song was composed by Bill Conti, who also composed the soundtracks for every single Rocky movie EXCEPT Rocky IV. Too bad because IV had the best soundtrack of the bunch…but nevertheless, Conti is basically the God of buff sports music.

  2. What a coincidence, his interests are my same exact interests. Go figure.

    Babes, brewskies, surfing, the beach, Aqua Net, tanning.

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