I have this constant problem that each night before I go to sleep I get on my knees and ask God the same question…What is truly mightier, the sword or the saxophone? You know you have a serious fixation with a certain breed of instrument when you’re turning to your faith to uncover answers. It’s songs like John Parr’s Two Hearts that push me to the limit and make my blood boil purely by the screeching hawk-like power of the saxophone thats introduced in the song. Most recently the song jumped several positions and landed itself a comfortable top spot at #1 on the TNUC MEGA-CHARTS mainly because of this reason.

John Parr – Two Hearts (American Anthem Soundtrack) download
Casual first listeners might assume that upon hearing the hook on the track that automatically repetition has set in and you’ve heard everything you need to hear. Well, it’s you people that are in for a treat. Just wait until the 3:15 mark hits, where Parr’s bandmates from future worlds deliver a saxophone/key-tar/synthesizer monstrous medley will burn you right to your core. But I assure you, its a good burn.

4 Comments on “POWER SAX.”

  1. The keytar blew my mind. That came out of nowhere! Then the Yamaha DX-7 (ever the synth of choice for cheesy 1986 overkill) finished the job. Amazing!

    Not Parr's greatest moment (that would be his '84 smash Naughty Naughty) but a fine song nonetheless!

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