If you’re bored or feeling like a lost wanderer because you just came back from the Galleria/Mall and found out that the dead souls running your #1 hangout spot of the week just closed down the arcade AND the orange julius, don’t give up on life just yet. A good samaritan by the name of Uncle TNUC promises that there is still hope.

Actually, all credit must go to photographer Michael Galinsky, the man responsible for taking these photos (and many, many more where they came from) back in 1989 when he traveled across the country, documenting malls all the way from Long Island to North Dakota to Seattle. He ended up shooting roughly 30 rolls of slide film with a cheap Nikon FG-20 and the results are truly sensational. The remainder of the photos can be seen in his upcoming book. That’s right, the response he received from the photos has been so strong that he decided to put together a book, Malls Across Americathat will be available for purchase soon. (see update!)

Because the Galleria wasn’t always the place you avoided. One could even say you might dare to venture into the mall on a rainy afternoon with your FAMILY. Pops is ready to tear into the night as he tests out the sit-down lawnmower at Sears, Mom’s at the department store shopping for shoulder-pads, your acne-posterchild Sister is chasing down some guy she thinks is Rick Springfield, all while you’re waiting in line for Van Halen tickets at Tape World and scarfing down a slice of pizza that’s bigger than your head. 


If a visionary collection of food courts, arcades, chrome escalators, valley girls, water fountains, big hair, long butts and male-midriff shirts sounds like the ultimate coffee table book to you, then we have a lot in common. This one will embellish the surface of TNUC’s ivory & gold coffee table for many years to come.
[UPDATE!] The book finally has a street date release of January 25th and is available for pre-order now at Amazon. It doesn’t matter where you are in the world, everyone’s mall memories will infect their souls once more with this ravishing tribute to an unforgettable era. Here’s the cover artwork, featuring a seasoned old bird taking a stroll down the slickened floors.

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