Not feeling very limber? Is your beach body not holding up with the little foxes down by the shore? Are you ready to turn mediocrity into greatness? Or do you just not care about being strong, but care about looking good naked? Relax, because we can help. Allow me to introduce you to former Oakland Raider, Lyle Alzado.

Alzado will turn that flab into fab in no time, and requires only two things from you. Two gallons of milk plus a total ultra-low price of $39.95 for his latest workout tape, No Sweat: The Exercise Program for Everyone. The motivational music for your sweaty session will be provided by Michael Sembello (“Maniac” song from Flashdance). This fun and effective workout will turn you into the #1 hardbody of 1984. What are you waiting for!?

“One good thing about working out with apple juice, orange juice or milk is that you can finish working out and you can drink it!” – LA

5 Comments on “WAR WITH THE WEIGHTS.”

  1. Can I tell you how thankful I am that when I searched “Michael Sembello” on Google that this link came up?

    I actually bought this VHS in the summer of 2015 for the simple reason that someone on YouTube made a comment that Michael Sembello was never quite the popstar he should have been because he looked like Lyle Alzado.

    I had no idea who either of them were at the time.

    Then I found the NFL biopic on Alzado, realized that Sembello wrote a number of songs I love (Gravity, from the Cocoon soundtrack, Automatic Man, many more) and that they worked together on this fantastic workout video.

    I 100% agree with the commenter that “Too Rough, Too Buff” should have been the biggest hit of 1984!!!

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