audiovisual |ˌôdē-ōˈvi zh oōəl|adjectiveusing both sight and sound
It isn’t often that I get to use the word balmy. It’s an unfortunate way to drift through your day, not being able to use a word so essential to this way of life. But a sigh of relief passes through me now because i’ve had the pleasure of hearing The Outrunners newest release, and their most anticipated effort of their careers thus far, the Running for Love and Money EP.
With Pierre de la Touche and Stephen Falken on board, one can expect to hear something that sounds like a space-station database marooned upon a tropical shore. A warm blanket of synthesized bliss rushes over every song, creating the soundtrack to a balmy night in your most vivid audio-sensual dreams. What I love about the Valerie starlet’s distinct sound is that it doesn’t play out like they’re trying to be retro or that it is rushed. It’s an organic feast that allows you to detach yourself from the current and step into a vortex of pure delight.
Please try not to be envious over the fact that i’ve been blessed to hear the EP in its entirety. The only reason TNUC is so privileged is because myself and The Outrunners frequently meet on a cloud of enlightenment at a remote location in the misty mountains of the French Alps to share foreign sounds of the future.

After several intimate listens of the EP, a trip through the TNUC vault was in demand. Here is a track from 1986 that we’ve chosen to share due to the fact that it fits The Outrunners balmy style and finesse.

Fun Fun – Give Me Your Love d/l


  1. i'm so stoked for the OUTRUNNERS release! just bought the fun fun 12'' maxi on green vinyl, one of the best tracks of 1985… check out their hit “living in japan” as well!

    the outrunners should ask angela parisi and antonella pepe for a vocal feature. or maybe clio ferrante.

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