Unless you’ve been kicked by a mule or are just totally brain-dead from ludes’, you’ve come to realize that the word TNUC is CUNT…spelled backwards. A number of myths and legends behind the name suggest that it has nothing to do with the derogatory word, which is pretty much correct. The truest meaning behind TNUC has yet to be etched in emerald, but as we slowly unfold here on this site, we sink deeper into the ultimate meaning of this movement.

Now here is a guy who is a longtime supporter of this movement. Prior to prancing around on afternoon talk shows, this guy used to work for yours truly. I hired him as the muscle for some of my outlandish pool parties back in 1989. Back then he would be known as the TNUC SMASHER. Some of the parties at my house that year would go way over the top, with bodies flying out windows, people trying to steal my Lambourgini Countache and one particular individual I remember letting my pet cougar, Donna, out of her cage one night. It was incidences like these that I would call on the TNUC SMASHER to handle things accordingly.

After about a year, SMASHER fell into a deep depression after being turned down in an audition to be the new guitarist in the heavy metal band Ratt. See, over the years many people mistook him for the band’s late-great guitarist, Robbin Crosby. SMASHER was so dim-witted that he figured as long as he looked cool enough to fit the part, he would get the gig. When the band fired Crosby, SMASHER stepped in and thought it would be a walk in the park. After receiving the bad news of being denied, he began a long downhill ride with cocaine, lost all his muscle, and became useless to TNUC.


After a few years, he went cold turkey and bulked up again. Rumors suggested that he somehow gained motivation and went on a strict diet of egg whites, muscle enhancers and raw shark cartilage. I still didn’t require his services any longer and sued him for the rights to his former title, ‘TNUC SMASHER’. After a lengthy battle in court, I won and regained the title and his whole life savings. Apparently he had so much trouble giving up the title that he transformed it into simply, CUNT SMASHER, as seen in the video, and began guest starring on various talk shows and violating middle-aged women.

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