INFO: Now some readers might be thinking that choosing Airwolf is somewhat of a predictable move for Uncle T. The fact of the matter is, Airwolf is my current obsession and I couldn’t go about my week without including this gripping piece of forgotten television. For those of you who don’t already have Airwolf on your radar, the show stars the underrated Jan Michael Vincent playing one of the greatest character names to ever grace the tube, STRINGFELLOW HAWKE. Hawk is a loner who lives in a cabin outside of Los Angeles, CA in a mountain range resort area. He spends his days alone serenading eagles that fly over his home with his priceless cello (see picture below). Without giving away any spoilers, eventually Hawke starts to operate an advanced, supersonic military helicopter, code name Airwolf, and starts to undergo various flying missions for secretive national importance.
LIFESPAN: January 22, 1984 – August 7, 1987 (4 Seasons).
DVD STATUS: All 4 seasons are available for purchase at a video outlet near you.
MUSICAL THEME: Put it this way, Sylvester Levay’s original soundtrack has become such a wanted item in the past few years that eBay bids were in the region of $350–$510 per set. On March 18, 2000 the bids culminated in a new record for a television soundtrack when a set sold for $715.03 on eBay. This was eventually broken on March 25, 2004 when a Washington-based seller sold his 2CD set for $765.03, and then for a third time $981.74 on the March 10, 2006 declaring the Airwolf soundtrack the ‘Most Expensive Television Soundtrack of all Time’. But fear not of these sky-high prices, the highly recommended score can now be purchased on Mp3 as a 2CD Official Special Limited Edition at AirwolfThemes.com. Stream + download one of the many riveting pieces of Airwolf below.

Sylvester Levay – Airwolf Main Titles d/l

And now, the aforementioned Jan Michael Vincent serenading eagles with his cello:

2 Comments on “[DAY 5] AIRWOLF.”

  1. There's also this version of the intro. The song is Ultra Zone by the Adventure. All of their stuff sounds like the sound track to Cut Man, Quick Man, Bomb Man, or Flash Man.

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