INFO: For the 6th and final day of Boob-Tube-Awareness-Week, the following series has been carefully selected to serve as the best of the best of forgotten television. Before we get started, if you’re ever introducing a newcomer to the world of TNUC, just make them watch this intro theme to this massively underrated show and I assure you, this will guide them in the right direction. Stingray stars Nick Mancuso as Ray, who lives in Southern California, devoting his time to helping those who are in trouble. His background is shadowy, all that is known about him is that he advertises anonymously in newspapers, offering a “’65 black Stingray for Barter Only” and including a telephone number (555-7687). Ray does not charge money for his help; instead, he extracts a promise from his client in advance that the client will repay Ray in the future by performing a favor, perhaps easy, perhaps difficult, upon Ray’s request. He is also a skilled driver and accomplished martial artist, and is excellent at covering his tracks and hiding his real identity. Ray’s other talents include a photographic memory, speed reading, the ability to slow down his heart to barely perceptible levels, and a knack for adopting personas including an arrogant surgeon, a tent-revival preacher, a crippled Vietnam veteran, and a grieving husband. If that still doesn’t impress you, he is also a skilled computer hacker, capable of accessing and altering data systems and coordinating information retrieval.
LIFESPAN: July 14, 1985 – May 8, 1987 (2 Seasons).
DVD STATUS: Stingray: The Complete Series is available for purchase at a video outlet near you.
MUSICAL THEME: From watching the intro theme, it’s crystal clear that the music of Stingray plays a large role in the series. Mike Post and Pete Carpenter created the overall score to the show, as well as coming up with music synched to frequent quick-cutting of visuals in time during many episodes. The show also featured music video style interludes, complete with original, script-specific pop songs, usually sung by obscure rock and pop vocalists (think Miami Vice style). Stream + download the opening title theme below, and prepare to have this little number repeating in your head for days, nights, weekends and holidays.

Mike Post – Stingray Theme d/l

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