INFO: The actual Wizard of this show is four-foot-tall Simon McKay (David Rappaport), a little person with a vast array of engineering skills which he puts to use as a toymaker. The small fellow was portrayed as that of a refined British intellectual with a wise compassion, and the fun-loving spirit of a child. He previously developed weapons for the US government but grew tired for destruction and violence. Since quitting, he has turned to making toys and clever gadgets for the handicapped. For safety, the government assigned Alex Jaggere (Doug Barr) to protect him from being kidnapped by a foreign power. The pair travels all over the globe during their adventures. Note: Rappaport suffered from severe depression throughout his life and in 1991, he committed suicide by shooting himself in the chest with a shotgun. His body was found in a park days later.
LIFESPAN: One season from 1986-1987 of 19 episodes total.
MUSICAL THEME: Arthur B. Rubinstein, who’s previous work includes WarGames, composed the opening theme.
DVD STATUS: Negative. But I hear that 20th Century Fox Studios is very aware of the show’s worldwide fandom, and the havoc these Wizard fans will reek if their beloved four-foot-tall genius doesn’t receive a proper DVD release soon.

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