INFO: In the future of 1998, the world is threatened by the evil Skull Squadron. To combat this threat, an international air force consisting of the greatest planes and pilots of all time is assembled. They are the Ring Raiders. Stationed on the Air Carrier Justice, they travel through time to protecting goodness and justice. A handful of pilots are selected as ‘Ring Commanders’ to train and supervise the hundreds who remain. Ring Commanders are identified by their special signal ring, through which they can summon (or be summoned by) a fellow Ring Raider in times of need. The catchphrase ‘THE COMMAND IS IN MY HAND’ was used when characters wished to transform their planes, using their rings to make them more powerful. Note: today’s selection of Ring Raiders was a tough selection between David the Gnome and Jayce and the Wheeled Warriors being considered as well.
LIFESPAN: September 16, 1989 – October 14, 1989. Only 5 Pilot episodes were shown to the masses.
CHANNEL: Unknown.
MUSICAL THEME: The musical genius behind Ring Raiders is a familiar character named Skuki Levi. Levi holds the world record for composing the most television theme songs. To many, the intro theme is the most memorable aspect of Ring Raiders. It’s a pelvis-thrusting, fist-clencher with profound lyrics that just won’t let go. You can listen to the theme by playing the above video or stream a finer quality version here.
DVD STATUS: Negative as of yet but rabid fans have demanded a proper release for many years. Only the episode ‘Ring of Fire’ was released as an American VHS tape and included a special silver-painted Ring Raider plane.

1 Comments on “[DAY 3] RING RAIDERS.”

  1. Dude! Ring Raiders! Man, I obviously should have contacted you earlier about finding a higher quality version of the theme…for years i've been stuck listening to a really shitty quality version. The show really only played for 5 episodes? Then why did I have a bunch of ring raiders toys and remember it being a significant portion of my life??

    We're faster than evil
    We're faster than crime
    We're faster than light
    We're faster than time

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