Here’s Edgar Froese of Tangerine Dream fame, terrifying his neighbors by surrounding himself in a circle of synths in what appears to be a backyard somewhere in Germany. One can only hope he’s located in some pleasant, family-oriented suburb. Imagine this guy being your next door neighbor? Every ones out at work during the day and the children are at school. Every one but Edgar. By lunch time, he’s already halfway into his set, blasting through an improvisational jam session of deep synth and atmospherics, playing to an audience of birds, squirrels and cats.

By evening, he slows down and moves his gear into the house. What this afternoon-synth lover does to occupy his time indoors is still a mystery to many. One of the gossiping soccer moms of the community claims that he doesn’t sleep at night. She says while she was walking her dog late one night, she saw Edgar staring out of his upstairs bay window, sporting his aviators, testing out his homemade lasers in his living room.

But hey, with Edgar living next door, you won’t have to worry who’s going to babysit the kids when you leave! Or do you…?

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