Oneohtrix Point Never – Zones Without People LP

01 Computer Vision
02 Format & Journey North
03 Zones Without People
04 Learning to Control Myself
05 Disconnecting Entirely
06 Emil Cioran
07 Hyperdawn

This winter, Uncle TNUC is guiding you on an icy trip to foreign lands of the future with the Oneohtrix Point Never album, Zones Without People. This release has been out for a few months now, and OPN have since put out a double-disc collection entitled Rifts, spanning the work of 3 essential albums from the OPN project. The reason why Zones Without People has been selected for spotlight now is because we feel it encompasses every thing you need to quest for in the coming cold months that lie ahead.

The name, Oneohtrix Point Never, is derived from the infamous Boston soft-rock radio station, Magic 106.7. Anyone who spent their childhood in the Boston area running errands with their mom in her station wagon is most likely familiar with this radio station. The man behind the curtain in OPN is Daniel Lopatin, who had this to say about the mysterious name of his project:“There’s a local soft rock station in Boston called Magic 106.7 so it was a play on that. One and Zero is of course computer binary code… tricks are about manipulation… point never is about infinity…so those are the elements.”

OPN’s sound has nothing to do with soft rock. I’ll let the blog take this one…“Zones Without People denies the 90ies, the Millennium and maybe even the 80ies. This one is pure esoteric and futuristic at the same time. Daniel Lopatin from Brooklyn offers you seven tracks of simple synth rhythms that leads you to a lost world where mankind and machines are living in harmony and peace. Its like watching the movie Tron where the mastermind is a good guy instead of being an asshole.

The second side feels colder and a bit confused, but the last track lets you imagine flying cars passing trough the hyperdawn and leaves no doubt that in near future everything is possible, like x-ray glasses or time traveling.

Zones Without People is the second LP of Oneohtrix Point Never after a few tapes, cdrs and his first longplayer Betrayed In The Octagon on Carlos Giffoni’s No Fun productions. Mastered by Pete Swanson and packed in beautiful artwork by Christelle Gualdi. Mike Pollard brings you this beauty in an edition of 450 copies on Arbor. Welcome to the new age!”

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