A little while ago the TNUC apostles had a mind-melting, grueling decision to make on “THE BATTLE OF THE KELLYS”. The question at hand was who you would rather bone.

You voted. Your voice mattered. No matter what your race, gender, social status, or economic background was, you had a right to be heard. So whether you chose Bayside’s steamy, student-council dreamboat or the Bundy homestead’s sultry, stone cold fox who puts the X in sex, you had the power to make a difference. So without further ado, here are the results.

Kelly Kapowski 60 votes (58%)
Kelly Bundy 42 votes (41%)

Looking at the outcome, something just doesn’t sit right with me. While playing coed-naked volleyball on a Malibu beach with Kapowski sounds tempting, the whole time I’d be dreaming and drooling of the thought of picking up Kelly Bundy from the mall and driving back to the Bundy residence to crank up some Anthrax and trash the living room!

So go ahead. Call her an airhead, weenie, nitwit, dip or dweeb…but this girl can party. Have a look…

This afternoon.
9764 Jeopardy Lane.
Chicago, Illinois.


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