If you want the ultimate, you’ve got to be willing to pay the ultimate price. That’s what Uncle T tells himself before he does a 10am shot of vodka and drops in from a helicopter onto Squaw Valley’s steepest mountain just to avoid lines, chairlifts, ski passes and whiny children.

Anyone who enjoys shredding down the mountain needs to experience a helicopter drop-in, or what locals call a “chop-drop”. What inspired TNUC to finally take the plunge was this video from a 1983 ski video that shook me to my core and launched my adrenaline over the edge. Please watch.

This one goes out to all the veteran ‘doggers still seeking the ultimate ride. The peak…The dream…The ultimate test. 

Oh, and the song used in the video is Rik Fox’s band SIN that formed after he was dropped from an early version of W.A.S.P.


A ravenous appetite for L.O.V.E. comes this Valentine’s Day with our brand new mixtape.

There were two phrases I remember hearing repeatedly during winter of ’87 while cruising in my Buick Grand National. Those phrases were “in the heat of the night” and “HUNGRY FOR LOVE”. The latter phrase could be heard at nauseum every weekend at one of our infamous backyard parties, while horny valley girls bum-rushed the outdoor stage whereupon the latest band with the latest long-haired, blonde-mullet singer of the week performed Van Halen covers over a crappy PA system. In between covers, I swear every one of those bands had a song called “Hungry For Love” or a song that featured those words in the chorus. Of course, between the quaalude and halcyon intake, that’s the limit of Uncle T’s memory.

In an attempt to piece the memories together, TNUC’s ‘HUNGRY FOR LOVE’ mixtape is here. A carefully curated mix of peak performance, maximum horny levels of excellence. Not only do the words in these songs evoke seductive power, but the RIFFS are testosterone and estrogen-enhancing stimulants that will you find very difficult to contain yourself with.

Plug in. Turn it up. Get hungry.



Calling all friends, colleagues, disciples, apostles, messiahs and cybernetic organisms, TNUC is proud to unveil an exceedingly rare body of music that has been buried beneath some unknown barbaric temple for the last 30+ years.

Before continuing, ask yourself this. Have you ever reached a crossroads moment during a physical training regiment that was purely based on your music choice? An important decision of whether or not to continue because your soundtrack à la pump just wasn’t getting the job done. What Uncle T has discovered through extensive research is that 96.4% of human beings are indecisive with their music selections for working out, training and personal montage moments. Why is this? Because people grow bored of the same playlists, albums and soundtracks…even subconsciously. It’s science. There’s only a matter of time before the medicine is no longer effective. You seek more. You hunger for something different.

This week our compadres Big Mike Colonia & Gianni La Bamba delivered a mysterious bodybuilding tape from Germany with a date stamp of 1989 titled “Special Sound Of Bodybuilding”. The tape contains two 30-minute sides of ambient synth magic that is both powerful and hypnotizing. This is not your average workout tape. Get ready for the final secret ingredient to reach your personal maximum potential.

Take these words of wisdom from Big Mike Colonia:

“When the tape arrived at Big Mike HQ, I immediately took it to my private muscle temple and threw it into the tape player, volume cranked to maxxximum. The back and chest workout that followed was not of this earth. The anabolic synths flowing into my ears instantly infected my few synapses, bloodstream and above all MUSCLES with insane focus and power, and I surely trained with at least 20% more intensity from the get-go.”

Whether it’s at the gym, at home, on a mountaintop or inside an abandoned factory, this is the anabolic-audio-antidote-enhancement that you will no longer be able to live without.


Hopefully everyone is tuning into the Cobra Kai series on Netflix and enjoying the hell out of it. I fully admit that I was skeptical when I first heard about the show. It seemed like a cash grab or pure nostalgia for nostalgia sake, but I soon found out how wrong I was. So wrong. 

Cobra Kai manages to capture the old magic of 1984’s The Karate Kid and continue the legacy with a deadbeat, all-grown-up Johnny Lawrence, successful businessman Daniel LaRusso and a new generation of karate kids. The result is fantastic and I can’t say enough good things about the show. I would also like to note that Johnny drives a 1991 Pontiac Firebird, drinks only Coors Banquets and wears a Zebra (the band) t-shirt. Need I say more?

Speaking of karate kids, it’s hard to believe that TNUC’s music video for Futurecop’s “Karate Kids” turns TWELVE YEARS OLD this year. Please press play and indulge again.

I remember the late nights in my old crusty loft in Los Angeles with no air conditioning, cranking this thing out at 3am in the sweltering heat. All Uncle T had to his name was his cat, some half-thawed boxes of Ellio’s pizza and one of those rotating fans from Kmart with the piece of duct tape stuck to the fan blade, flapping in the weak breeze.

Occasionally when it was unbearable I’d run outside and flop into the apartment pool to cool off. But only a little time would pass and those mystical, oriental synths of the Futurecop! song would beckon me to get inside and finish the video.


Artwork by Vanessa Vanya

The greatest thing to happen in 2020 was when a certain phantom of passion made his return and that phantom of passion is of course S P I R O S.

After a nine year absence, the Mediterranean Man of Mystique released the album ‘Eternal’ in March of 2020 just on the horizon of the world being crippled with fear. The eight tracks on ‘Eternal’ are SPIROS operating at peak performance and orchestrating his “way-slo” style of music finer than ever before. Every person I’ve introduced the music of SPIROS to is absolutely floored at what they hear, but at the same time it’s a head scratcher for some because they don’t immediately understand what they are listening to. I tell them to just sit back and enjoy the journey.

If you missed the album release or haven’t read the accompanying scripture from SPIROS himself, do that here.

TNUC was left with no choice but to spend the year making creations that coincide with this music. I hope you will find some quiet time to let these soak in.

After almost a decade of silence, we’re relieved and overjoyed that SPIROS returned to grant us access to yet another blissful, musical journey. He is a master of his craft. A passionate beast of epic proportions. ‘Eternal’ is my album of the year.


Who could forget that devastating winter of 1986…

The Coors Light’ Beer Wolf family were a loving family made up of Beer Wolf, Babe Wolf and Baby Beer Wolf. During that bleak winter they faced severe financial issues that spread wide across the entire village. The biggest hardship was a drought that plagued the townspeople and especially the Beer Wolf’s. The Coors Light manufacturing plant had been shut down for health violations which not only put many people out of work, more importantly the lack of nourishment of Coors Light beer to the Beer Wolf’s was deeply concerning and proved to be life threatening. The one who suffered the most was poor Baby Beer Wolf, just a mere toddler at the time of the drought. His mother and father knew that milk, water and wine coolers (barf) would only do so much. Without a steady replenishment of beer which had to be strictly bottle-fed from his parents, Baby Beer Wolf might not survive the winter.

To witness little BBW limping around the house with a cane was a sad sight. Every so often they’d find him at the bottom of the recycling bin, trying to lick up any trace of old beer residue. Sometimes he would wander the streets and knock on peoples doors to ask for a “mere sip of Coors Light”. Some villagers would help out the struggling little bugger, while others weren’t so kind and a screaming, burly man would be heard loading up his double-barrel shotgun.

Then on Christmas morning, when the Beer Wolf’s were at a complete loss and heartbroken, a surprise miracle appeared. It was GRANDMA BEER WOLF who had galloped in the heavy blizzard from upstate. She crashed through the front door, covered in snow, with two saddlebacks of Coors Light 36-packs swinging by her sides. She looked like one of those Alaskan sled dogs. She was there to save her grandson and that’s exactly what happened on that Christmas morning of 1986.

They pumped BBW full of ice cold Coors Light and within minutes, he was running at maximum performance around the house and knocking things over. He yelled out in a gleeful scream, “GOD BLESS US EVERYONE” and threw his cane into the roaring fire that his father had prepared.

We hope you enjoyed this heartfelt tale from the TNUC history books. We also hope you’re following along with our #BEERWOLFWEDNESDAY action over on Instagram, which has been going on for years. On as many Wednesdays as possible, all are encouraged to share their Coors Light Beer Wolf merchandise items and don’t forget to tag #BeerWolfWednesday! (see below)

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