His name: Kurt Thomas. His title: 3-time World Gymnastics Champion. His assignment: A secret mission for the United States government. His only weapon: Himself…and that’s all he needs. Every expectation you ever had about gymnastics and karate can now be fulfilled in Gymkata. The movie stars real-life Olympic gymnast Kurt Thomas (playing himself), who’s sent […]

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This is the reason you wake up at night in a cold sweat. Steve Moore’s hauntingly beautiful Fever Dream. Make no mistake, this dream is a reality.   You can be fully conscious when the song starts, but the waves of synthesizer will wash over you and your mind will begin to wander out unwillingly into […]

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We’re in the heart of the summer, and what better way to celebrate the sun and the heavenly bodies that grace our beaches than listening to a track with a lethal dosage of saxophone. Smooth, seductive, summer sax. Enter Lovelock. I won’t go into specifics about the Lovelock project, because I think the masterminds over […]

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