Everybody brace yourselves because for probably the first time in your life, you’re about to have a song about a hair salon stuck in your head for the foreseeable future. Thanks to my compadre Johann Hawk for providing this incredible artifact.

“Rockutz…look like a starrrrrrrrrrr!”

That’s right disciples, this heavy metal hair salon called Rockutz was the place to go for all your teased, poodle puff, aqua net-embracing, larger than life ROCK CUTS. Whether you were getting prepped for glamour shots for those upcoming glossy photo 8×10 band promos or just going out on Friday night to see Kix, the best place to get teased ‘n pleased was Rockutz.

Rockutz is a bit of an unsolved mystery in terms of their not being a whole lot of historical information on the internet, but I did find that a hairdresser named Michael Dean is the genius behind the establishment. Everyone called him “Mickey” and he was not only a hairstylist but a musician as well.

Somewhat recent photo of Mickey (middle, blonde), mastermind behind Rockutz

I’m not entirely sure how long Rockutz was in operation, but Mickey’s hair salon still remains in the same location in Lynwood, Washington and is simply now called Michael Dean Salon.

Legend states that “Rockutz” the song playing in the video was Mickey himself laying down some shrieking vocals! If anyone has contact information for Mickey or his family/friends, please reach out to Uncle TNUC as we’d love to conduct an in-depth interview.

Now go revisit the video and pump your fists with the song because there’s no way in hell it won’t be ringing in your ears all weekend. “Rockutz…look like a staaaarrrrrrr!!!!”

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