If you thought for a second that boogie-woogie icon Little Richard showing up in an episode of Full House in 1994 was the almighty “stars aligning” highlight of the decade, think again you idiot.

Because four years prior, we clearly missed the monumental moment of Little Richard hanging out with the dudes from RATT backstage during a video shoot. Please watch below.

How quickly we forget that Little Richard made himself a bit of an advocate for rock bands back in the day. Not only was he Ratt ‘n Rolling with Stephen, Robbin, Bobby, Juan and Warren but during that same year, he appeared in Cinderella’s video for ‘Shelter Me’ and who could forget him rocking out with Jesse and The Rippers on stage at The Smash Club in the Season 7 episode “Too Little Richard Too Late”…

LR looking a little partied out

I’m lacking a true historian’s knowledge on Little Richard, but I remember as a kid definitely going back and forth between thinking “he’s cool” and “what a loveable dude” to wow, he’s downright terrifying. LR comes across as the coolest man alive but at the same time the makeup, hair and deranged facial gestures sketched me out a bit.

REST IN POWER, LR! Party-on with Robbin Crosby in heaven.

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