This week Bob Saget passed away at only 65 years old and and the sudden loss reverberates tremendously in the Land of TNUC.

Mr. Tanner (or Danny) earned the title of “America’s Dad” and if you grew up religiously watching TGIF on Friday nights in the early 1990’s, you probably agree. To me, he will always be remembered as the ultimate dorky dad. Either you could relate with your own father or you had a friend’s dad who had Danny Tanner-isms. A neurotic clean freak, nervous about everything, too many sweaters and probably has a few Yanni CD’s in front of the home stereo system.

Full House was always a show with endless cornball moments, but no one can deny the charming dynamic between those characters. Three middle aged guys, vastly different from one another, raising three girls in one house. Jesse, the renegade rocker who lives in a room with pink bunny wallpaper — Joey, the goofball with a heart bigger than his brain — and Danny, the lanky widower with a vast amount of life lessons.

Every episode of Full House ended with 5 minutes remaining and Danny offering tender advice to someone in the family or a complete stranger. Followed by the heartfelt “ahhhs” from the studio audience. It was a golden recipe and it worked.

To this day Full House remains one of the all-time best comfort shows. Something you can tune into whenever and wherever, especially the times when you don’t feel like having to decide between a movie, multiple streaming networks and seven thousand TV shows. Stop on the channel guide when you see the half hour blocks that say Full House and just sit there.

Of course Bob’s successful career would continue through the decades with America’s Funniest Home Videos, movie directing, stand-up comedy and of course the Fuller House reunion series on Netflix.

When I made this video edit for Fleetwood Mac’s “Family Man” on Father’s Day of last year, it sort of fell on deaf ears and blind eyes. Part of that being because YouTube wouldn’t host it due to copyright issues. Well, I can’t think of a better time to post it again. I hope you disciples enjoy.

Expect to see more Danny Tanner coverage on this site in 2022. Cleaning tips, life lessons, and favorite moments like the time he tried dating a younger girl and almost went to a Slaughter concert.

Our deepest condolences go out to Bob’s family as well as Jesse, Joey and the rest of the San Francisco crew.
Rest easy, Bob Saget and thanks for the memories.

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