“Sleep. Those little slices of Death. How I loathe them.”
– Eddie Allan Poe

It’s October of 1988. My parents ship me off to boarding school at one of the snottiest and most prestigious prep schools in the country. Talk about a fish out of water. To say I wasn’t pleased would be an understatement. I’ll never forget my old man grabbing me by the single-dangling earring and whispering into my ear with last night’s peppermint schnapps’ on his breath, “go clean up your act…or else”. I didn’t have much of a choice.

Campus life at a boarding school in New England ended up not being so bad. Like a magnet I gravitated to a pack of juvenile delinquents as we bonded over good music, hijinks, horror movies and sneaking off into the night with the girls from Omega Mu.

Aside from Brad in his daddy’s Porsche, the kids at school loved us. We threw the best parties and turned everyone onto the cutting edge bands about to break. During the day we’d hang out in the quad and trade cassette mixtapes while the girls tanned and frisbees soared over our heads. My trench coat pockets were always loaded with tapes, a sack of ‘ludes and my trustee switchblade.

The richy kids and trust fund dependents called us the “Twisted Sister Society”, because apparently that’s what we looked like with our rat’s nest-teased hair and prep school blazers-turned-into-trench-coats. We eventually started our own fraternity and plans immediately began for the biggest Haunted House Party in the academy’s history.

Halloween night, ’88. We formed a secret handshake plan to host the party in the basement boiler room of the institution’s old mansion. It’s the most ancient building both on campus and in town. This place had serious history. Macabre history regarding a disfigured maintenance worker who was locked inside the boiler room and left to die. We figured what better place to crash on All Hallows’ Eve?? Party on!

All were welcome under a couple conditions. No going home until dawn and positively NO SLEEPING.

All night long we drank punch, smoked skinny joints, scared each other, danced around the fire, headbanged over burning barrels, chased girls through the boiler room, ate candy, stair-dived into kiddie pools of beer and played hide the salami. One of our groups even held a séance with pentacles drawn in rat’s blood and black candles lit.

If anyone was caught trying to sleep, they were escorted to a special locked room and were forced to listen to young TNUC’s mixtape creation, ‘NIGHTMARES & DREAMSCAPES’. This mix was carefully constructed to evoke spirits, night demons and other horny apparitions to keep you wide awake.

Now decades later I call on you disciples to wrap a pair of headphones around your skull and sink deep into TNUC’s Nightmares & Dreamscapes.


Thank you to Kane Banner for killing it with the mixtape artwork this year! Also a huge thanks to Auntie TNUC, Chad Allegro and Heath So Spooky for their relentless support and ideas over the years. And last but not least all you BEASTS IN THE NIGHT aka TNUC Disciples for spending any of your time on this website. I realize a portion of people stick only to the social media output, which is OK — but these “blogs” have become secondary to some people and that sucks. For those of you reading this, that means you’re actually here…so THANK YOU. I love you all.

[free download]


  1. Social media is ruining everything, bro. Your blogs are still the absolute tits to me and your real deal disciples. Thank you for everything you do and please keep ‘em coming! And any chance of a download link for this rad new mixtape?

  2. Another absolute banger, big guy! Fantastic work as always, will be playing this at the Halloween party. Something fresh that most people aren’t used to.

  3. Social medias are the modern version of watching TV gameshows with your parents. The name itself is boring.
    Your site is the infamous video-club hidden at the back of a misty alley. Not a lot of people knows it’s there, but you and your friends can’t wait for school to be finish so that you’ll rush there and grab some fresh horror movie.

    Thanks for the mixtape anyhow, I’ll listen to it tomorrow while pumping irons at the gym!

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