Artwork by Vanessa Vanya

The greatest thing to happen in 2020 was when a certain phantom of passion made his return and that phantom of passion is of course S P I R O S.

After a nine year absence, the Mediterranean Man of Mystique released the album ‘Eternal’ in March of 2020 just on the horizon of the world being crippled with fear. The eight tracks on ‘Eternal’ are SPIROS operating at peak performance and orchestrating his “way-slo” style of music finer than ever before. Every person I’ve introduced the music of SPIROS to is absolutely floored at what they hear, but at the same time it’s a head scratcher for some because they don’t immediately understand what they are listening to. I tell them to just sit back and enjoy the journey.

If you missed the album release or haven’t read the accompanying scripture from SPIROS himself, do that here.

TNUC was left with no choice but to spend the year making creations that coincide with this music. I hope you will find some quiet time to let these soak in.

After almost a decade of silence, we’re relieved and overjoyed that SPIROS returned to grant us access to yet another blissful, musical journey. He is a master of his craft. A passionate beast of epic proportions. ‘Eternal’ is my album of the year.

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