If you’re a regular bum around the Land of TNUC, surely you’ve felt the “Vanity Insanity” that happens quite often here. We cherish everything about Vanity. Her music, her films, her aura, her mystique. Vanity left this earth in 2016, but in her wake, she’s inspired more young people that some may realize in terms of style and allure.

So if you aren’t familiar with singer/songwriter Priya Panda, start paying attention, ya dingus! Not only has Priya been channeling Vanity since day 1 but she’s also a tremendous vocalist for the hard rock band Diemonds. While these accolades are obviously impressive, they are not what we’re here to talk about today.

Miss Panda will be releasing her debut solo album very soon and TNUC now has the privilege of premiering an exclusive new song and music video! Check it out below.

I was pretty intrigued when Priya announced a solo project was coming because as much as I dig her band Diemonds, she seemed like the sort of artist that could venture into really interesting and vastly different territory outside of rock ‘n roll. Like a true chameleon, Priya brings very diverse styles on all three songs released thus far from the upcoming EP, aptly titled Snacks. Each track represents a piece of her musical smorgasbord, whether that be rock, new wave, freestyle or something obscure.

With ‘Freaky Girl’, i’m getting some dreamy 90’s feelings that conjure up Shirley Manson, Hole and 1992’s drama/erotic thriller, Poison Ivy. There’s a lot going on musically in the song which I was able to decipher with my Pizza Hut headphones…so dig right in and enjoy.

Photo by Natalie Chahal (@MissWorldInc) in Burbank, CA

In touring with the band Diemonds over the last decade, Priya crossed paths with many people who became friends and now collaborators. The soon to be released album will be a reflection of that. Be sure to check out the previously released singles, “Shook U Off” and “Take Me Back”, two summer heartbreakers that you’ll be humming for days on end.

Purchase the single on AmazoniTunes / Google


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