At the beginning of a cold and bleak January, I think we could all use an escape. Some place warm.

Let’s hop aboard a private jet at a Miami airport, donning an $800 suit and a tie with a toucan printed on it.

Now imagine being whisked away to the tropical paradise of the coca forests in Cochabamba, Bolivia. I can’t think of a better way to begin 2020.

Press play in the video link above and join me as we revisit the home of cultivated businessman and winner of “best dressed cocaine messiah” 4 years in a row, Alejandro Sosa.

A wealthy landowner. Educated in England. Comes from a very good family. The business brain and drug overlord of an empire that stretches across the Andes. Everyone knows and respects Sosa. His close friends and colleagues call him “Alex”. If he likes you and doesn’t think you’re a liar, Mr. Sosa will have his associates fly you to his backyard patio in Cochabamba for a pleasant afternoon lunch. After a salad and tour of Sosa’s luxurious estate, you’ll browse his cocaine factory. If things don’t work out and he ends up “smelling your garbage”, you’ll be lynched from a helicopter above his home by a henchman wearing sunglasses. *Binoculars will be provided to guests for watching your death*

Quick thanks to the remarkable YouTube uploader who created that 10-hour recording of the “Bolivia Theme” from 1983’s Scarface. I thought Uncle T was the only psycho who would enjoy such a thing. It’s also a reminder of how incredible every second of Giorgio Moroder’s music is from the Scarface soundtrack, even sequences such as this quick theme. Which leads us to our next feature…

Make no mistake, the music in Scarface is probably my favorite music ever put to film. However I’d be lying if I said I haven’t beaten those songs to smithereens over the years. I need a little break from “Vamos A Bailar”. My understanding is that Giorgio Moroder is sitting on hours and hours of the (still) unreleased score and bonus tracks that didn’t make the soundtrack nor the film.

Today we present a small taste that was provided to Uncle T while on a pilgrimage in the Andes Mountains with Kurt Sloan many years ago. I’ve had these tracks in storage for a while, and longtime TNUC disciples might remember when we shared them over a decade ago.

From what I’ve gathered these are the only bonus tracks to be released. Enjoy them with a spicy cocktail and plant-based narcotics courtesy of Uncle T.


  1. I’m holding my 3-day old son, wife by my side in a hydrocodone-induced nap, and I smile knowing that the first piece of music this young man hears will be hours of “Bolivia Theme.”

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