If there’s one thing Uncle T loves about heavy metal besides the music, it’s all the lyrical cliches and repeated war-cries. Take for example popular lines in songs such as “in heat of the night”, “fires burning”, “desires”, “lonely nights”, and my absolute personal favorite, “HUNGRY”.

The word hunger/hungry is used so often in the music that I love and you wanna know what? It’s always executed so strongly that I never grow tired of it. Why these guys were so starving all the time is beyond me, but I’m sure it has something to do with being aggressive and wishing so bad for their dreams and desires to be fulfilled during such a fun era to be alive. Plus they were young, horny and doing a ton of cocaine.

The following examples are my favorite HUNGRY songs of all time. Hope you brought an appetite!

I could really go for a meatball sub right about now! Or a ball bearing sandwich w/ lettuce + extra mustard.

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