Top Gun: The Motion Picture Soundtrack is without question one of the best soundtracks of all mankind. It rocked me to my core in 1986 and even three decades later, the brilliant onslaught of songs never ceases to amaze. It still holds up amazingly and hasn’t lost a shriek of power. Tracks like ‘Danger Zone’ by Kenny Loggins, ‘Mighty Wings’ by Cheap Trick, ‘Take My Breath Away’ by Berlin, ‘Hot Summer Nights’ by Miami Sound Machine and the ‘TOP GUN THEME’ by Harold Faltermeyer & Steve Stevens make up just one-half of pound for pound one of the best of the decade.

So TNUC has always wondered, could one additional track have made this album the absolute #1, undisputed, heavyweight champion soundtrack of all soundtracks?

Well the Gods answered my question, or I should say Metal Gods, because in 1986 heavy metal legends Judas Priest were approached by Top Gun producers to include the song ‘Reckless’ in the film. The movie executives loved the song and thought it fit perfectly with the high-octane thrills and adrenaline aspect of the film. Listen below and picture those mig-28 fighter jets in action.

The song was set to be played during the closing credits, however the deal sank after producers insisted the rights to the song would go directly to the Top Gun soundtrack, meaning the band would have to cut the song out from their forthcoming album, Turbo. The band members also thought the movie would flop (!) so they declined and the deal was off.

It’s a damn shame, because nobody in their right mind would pass on a Judas Priest face-ripper showing up in classic like Top Gun.

We can’t end this article with all this adrenaline pumping through the veins after listening to ‘Reckless’. Let’s cool down with a scene that I’ve watched literally seven thousand times since 1986.

3 Comments on “RECKLESS.”

  1. Such an underrated Priest song. This song pumps me up to snort a line of pre-workout and go to war with the weights.

  2. Any news on another WET HOT TNUC SUMMER? Or Summer Mixtape? I need more mixes for my floral fridays, cocktail chugging and drug induced weekends.

    • Haha I’m waiting on some worthy WET HOT TNUC SUMMER ANTHEMS to show up! Yes a summer mixtape is definitely coming…another mixtape from a familiar old friend is coming in the next couple weeks though…

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