Keeping on course with the TNUC 10 Year Anniversary celebration, now seems like a good time to ease the seat back and listen to some of Uncle’s most prized choices of audio euphoria. Songs that helped build the foundation of this place back in 2009 and inspire a decade of debauchery.

In this first installment of TNUC THEMES, we’re going back to the very beginning. Some of these you might have heard 100 times, but since they’re of ultra-importance in the lineage of TNUC, I’m not leaving them behind. Sink in and listen. (Download links included!)

How could we NOT begin with the quintessential Tangerine Dream track from one of the classic scenes in Risky Business. It’s the gateway song for so many synth fiends, soundtrack lovers and Tangerine Dream freakazoids. It’s still the dreamiest track to ever exist and I put it high on the shelf above everything. You’re also a liar if you proclaim to have not fantasized about a train ride with lady of the night, Lana. The version you’re hearing now is an extended, slicker rendition the band released in 2008.
1) Tangerine Dream – Love On A Real Train (2008)

The great thing about an instrumental version of this track is that it allows YOU to be Frank Dux (Jean-Claude Van Damme) running around Hong Kong from the cops just like in Bloodsport. Download the track, then drive out to your nearest “Chinatown” or “Little Tokyo” and have a friend play it on a boom box while you run around the city and cause a scene. You won’t regret it.
2) Paul Hertzog – Steal the Night (Instrumental)

Lovelock (disco side project of Steve Moore from Zombi) cooked up this scrumptious edit of Pino Donaggio’s ‘Telescope’ from the Body Double soundtrack that he ended up calling ‘Pino Grigio’. Steve took a perfect slice of suspense and erotica and turned it into something truly hypnotic. This is one of Uncle T’s most played tracks while he floats around the pool with a spicy drink and the torturous sun turning his skin the color of a perfectly cooked hot dog.
3) Lovelock – Pino Grigio

During the early days of the Valerie Collective, a phantom by the name of Stephen Falken (one half of The Outrunners) would pop up from time to time to deliver a stellar song or mixtape. To this day his whereabouts, an actual photo or any personal information about Professor Falken remains a complete mystery. This mystique has always been part of his allure, the other big part being the music. When it comes to Falken tracks, the magic is in the simplicity. Similar to the Tangerine Dream formula, ‘Shadow of the Wind’ has that dramatic build and celestial spirit (without going overboard) that keeps you coming back for repeated listens.
4) Stephen Falken – Shadow of the Wind

If readers of this site have enjoyed the more lustful, steamy side of TNUC, it’s all thanks to Uncle T hearing this track years ago. Nothing is steamier and more tender to the senses than the saxophone eruption at 0:32 seconds into this song. It’s like being whisked away to a private isle with Vanity circa 1985 and a cold box of Zima.
5) Black Box – Ghost Box

Have I beaten this one to death yet? Nope, not even close. If someone had a gun to my head and demanded I had to pick out one flaw about this song, it’s the sad fact that it wasn’t used in an action movie. This track aches and beckons for use in a car chase scene or even better, playing inside a foggy nightclub with Italian model-looking babes dancing with Dolph Lundgren-looking men in trenchcoats. Time for a new TNUC video, perhaps…
6) Pamela Stanley & Paul Parker – Stranger In A Strange Land

†     †     †

Thanks for listening. Plenty more TNUC THEMES on the way!

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