A cigarette dangled from Uncle T’s lip as he was finishing his last rep on the weight bench. Suddenly a recollection struck him that made the bar drop down to his chest, followed by a scream of agony. Seconds later his pain turned to joy as he realized that IT’S 2019 AND THIS YEAR COMMEMORATES TEN YEARS OF TNUC

It’s hard to believe this website/blog/sacred temple has existed for an entire decade. What started out as a goddamned Myspace page eventually turned into our own desert island of music, film, culture, mixtapes, videos, obscurities, oddities, hijinks and pure adrenaline.

I’m seriously honored to have been your host (and #1 Uncle) for this long.

When I started TNUC it was nothing more than a simple visual feast. Thrown together were a few cryptic movie images, scantily clad hardbodies and what people in the 1980’s dreamed the future would look like. As the years progressed, the beast grew bigger and thus it needed more to eat. Videos. Mixtapes. Characters. Fictional Universes. It never stopped and rarely did it slow down. There was always something to chew on. I might not posses the sheer quantity of articles like other sites, but it’s honestly only because I hold out for quality paraphernalia that fits this Land of TNUC. The last thing I wanted was for this place to turn into a never-ending scroll of “news” you could find at 7,000 other places across the internet. Blah.

Breaking it way down, I hope UncleTNUC.com has been a little paradise you can escape to from some of the harsh realities of today’s culture.

OK, now it’s time to party. I’d like to spend a good amount of 2019 remembering and cherishing the highlights of this 10 year escapade. For the next couple articles, let’s begin by revisiting some of the key musical moments that inspired what became T N U C.


This is the one. If there was a singular moment that I distinctly remember giving me chills and kickstarting my nostalgic psyche into overdrive, it’s hearing this song and watching this video. Those thick synths, the pulsating bass and accompanying visuals awakened something inside of me. This sent Uncle T on a Miami Vice binge, acting and talking like Sonny Crockett and hunting down all the synthesizer bliss I could get my hands on. Pretty soon I’d discover an underground movement coming out of a corner of France called Valerie (more on that later).

The Outrunners branded themselves as “the future sound of the past” and my God is that an accurate way to describe this sound. It just seemed so authentic compared to everyone else. I was already a fan of established groups like Daft Punk, Justice and Kavinsky, but while those artists dipped their toe in the water with this style, The Outrunners dove in face first.

Listen to those synths. It’s like cool little breezes coming through your window while driving to The Babylon Club with Manny Ribera.

Keep listening:
The Outrunners – Diamonds (video by TNUC)
The Outrunners – Cool Feeling
The Outrunners – These Girls Are Dressed To Kill (Russ Chimes remix)

♦   ♦   ♦

Ten years of TNUC. Ten years of passion, glory, power, seduction and pizza. Whether you’ve been following us since 2009 or you’re a brand new disciple, serious thanks for supporting and stay tuned for much, much more!

5 Comments on “10 YEARS OF TNUC.”

  1. Awesome post Uncle and congrats to ten years!! Never heard that Outrunners track before either, seriously good stuff!!! Hails to you and the glory ye bring!!! 🤘

  2. If memory serves me well I was brought here by the internet tides dedicated to Dolph Lundgren somehwere around 2010… and the rest is history. There was however a defining moment in my devotion to the land of TNUC, when Diamonds came out, I remember it vividly, like finding something that had been long lost, something I had forgotten was once a part of me. On that fateful day I got it all back. here’s to another TEN!
    long live TNUC

  3. I honestly can’t remember how I found this, but I believe Paul had something to do with it, seeing as he’s the inspiration for a face claim behind UncleT, which I absolutely love!! Not to mention the fact that I love that vampire beast as well as all the info you give us here, especially where music is concerned. This is the best! Congrats on ten years!!

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