What could possibly be worse than working in the office all summer?

Board meetings, deadlines, presentations, cubicles, suits, slacks, elevators, admins, bosses, coffee mugs, fake plants, briefcases, fax machines, floppy disks, software updates, argyle socks…even Hawaiian shirt friday. It’s ALL bad for the human spirit.

Your breaking point comes in mid-July when during your 95° morning commute a convertible carload of happy-go-lucky teenagers heading to the beach passes you on the left, hooting and hollering while Kim Wilde’s ‘Kids in America’ blasts out of their stereo. There you sit inching down the freeway in your metal coffin (’87 Ford Corolla), sweating to death in that monkey suit and nursing a crappy cup of coffee.

Don’t let the stress and mundaneness of working for “the man” lead to disastrous habits like workplace violence or a vicious cocaine addiction. We might have the cure right here…right now.

Andy Fink’s CORPORATE REPORT mixes are here to save our poor souls. Instead of being a pure musical escape that wouldn’t be practical due to a lack of focus, think of these mixtapes as more of a tool to help motivate, push, inspire and reach your maximum potential.

2 Comments on “CORPORATE REPORT.”

  1. Whoa whoa, let’s not disparage the nose candy. It might cost a lot, it may give me the worst soft-dick ever which in turn wasted the money I spent on those hookers for the bachelor party – BUT – if it’s actually bad then why would I name my new boat (yep, it’s a 26 ft Bayliner) ‘Cocaine Seduction’? I don’t give a shit what the guys at the marina or the PTA at the school I coach for say. I think I’ve proved my point.

  2. Great reply, Chris! And as always, another solid Cocaine post by the legendary UNCLE T.

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