We get a bunch of Friday the 13th’s throughout the calendar year, but an OCTOBER Friday the 13th? This calls for something big. Something worthy of celebrating America’s favorite blade-wielding maniac, JASON! So break out the machetes, severed heads and piñatas. It’s time to party.

If you’re a regular around these parts or just a fan of horror, chances are you’ve listened to Alice Cooper’s “He’s Back (The Man Behind the Mask)” over 45,000 times. The infamous track from the soundtrack to Friday the 13th Part VI: Jason Lives is a crown jewel of the heavy-metal-horror world, for crying out loud.

Ah, but have you heard the DEMO VERSION OF “HE’S BACK”?

It may not top the final movie version, but something about guitarist Kane Robert’s thrusting riffs are really owning it for me right now. I’m having a hard time not doing power slides on my knees through the apartment, while the family fog machine pumps in the background and a Reese’s peanut butter bat dangles from my mouth.

Not a peanut butter bat, but you get the idea…

Eventually Alice or a producer had a change of heart and went with the synthesizer-heavy final mix, which ended up being very successful on radio and MTV. If there’s anything to critique about the hit song, it’s that Alice always sounded a little like Weird Al on some of those vocals. Not as raw and punchy as the demo version!

Did the demo ripper get tossed on a shelf to rot? Not exactly. The main components of the song – sans the lyrics – were used for the song “Trick Bag” from Alice’s 1986 album Constrictor.

In closing, on this blessed OCTOBER Friday the 13th, let’s dedicate this song to Cort from Part VI. It’s probably no surprise that TNUC is a huge supporter of this classic bonehead counselor. The shredded denim, walkman earmuffs, crop top and general “let’s party” attitude earns him maximum respect around Castle TNUC. I’m confident if Cort had lived to see 21, he would’ve been a big fan of TNUC. *Fun Fact* Cort was Jason Voorhees’ 48th victim! 

TGIF13TH, disciples. What are your plans tonight? Jason marathon? Boozing it up at the local cemetery? Luring a loved one into an RV in the middle of the woods for some 1 on 1 action? Tell us in the comments section.

2 Comments on “HE’S BACK (DEMO).”

  1. I had a Friday the 13th movie marathon with ice cold Coors’ Banquet. Did you make it out to the Local Boogeyman’s F13th party?

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